Things That Differentiate Fullmetal Alchemist from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood


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1 The Story

The story except for the beginning is entirely different. - Kiteretsunu

There's a lot more going on in brotherhood

2 The Main Villain

The Original Fullmetal Alchemist's villain is Lady Dante and Brotherhoods main villain is Father. - egnomac

3 Brotherhood Most Closely Follows the Manga

Only 2 filler episodes in Brotherhood

4 The Appearance of Certain Characters
5 The Character Sloth

FM Sloth is Ed & Al's dead mother who they tried to bring back with alcemy, Brotherhood Sloth is this Large bulking monster. - egnomac

6 King Bradly

King Bradley was pride in this one and wrath in the brotherhood one.

7 The Character Wrath

FM Wrath was Izumi's child who she tried to bring back to life through Alchemy, BH King Bradley is secretly the Hummuncolis Wrath. - egnomac

8 The Identity of Winry's Parents Murderer

Mustang was the one who murder's winry parents by order in the first version and in brotherhood It was revealed that Scar was the one who murdered them in a blind rage. - egnomac

9 Envy's Gender

In the 2003 version he was a guy but in Brotherhood he's genderless

10 Winry's Characterization

The Contenders

11 Winry and Edward Get Together In the End
12 Barry the Chopper

In FMA, Barry kidnaps Winry in the beginning and lures in Ed. In FMAB, Barry is a soul bonded to a suit of armor.

13 Rose's Role
14 Bratja/Brothers

Brotherhood's only missed opportunity.

15 The Homunculi
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