Top 10 Things to Dislike About the Koopalings

Point of advice: I love the Koopalings, it's just what other fans do annoy me so MUCH!

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1 Fan Art About Made Up Koopalings

I hate made up ones. Just stick to the originals!

Heck, most of the fan made Koopaling models I tend to see are just a ripped base with some custom hairstyle. Ugh

I love the Koopalings, and I love the Koopaling fandom, but just STOP WITH THE MADE-UP KOOPALINGS!

Same thing with Sonic. YOU ARE NOT A KOOPALING. Stop making ones up

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2 Cartoon Personalities

And this is why people hated the cartoons - Randomator

Use the video game ones. Please

Larry is not sneaky and greedy

Morton is not a blabbermouth

Wendy is not a spoiled brat

Iggy is not childish

Roy is not really a bully

Lemmy is not a twin with Iggy

Ludwig is not a mad scientist

Hip and hop koopa are twins

PLEASE use the video game personalities. They're much better there, even though I love Kooky's "Wahahohohohoho! "

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3 Cartoon Names

Well at least the French dub of Mario 3 and Mario world used their actual names

If you use these, you are probably dumb

They got names

Teenage muntant ninja turtles

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4 Bowser Jr. Being Hated

I love the Koopalings AND Bowser Jr! In fact, Bowser Jr is better than four of the Koopalings!

We love lemmy

Why do they hate each other? If anything the koopalings and Jr would get along because of similar motives. - Randomator

I love Bowser Jr! Screw you, whoever made this list!

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5 Koopalings Wands Having Magic Powers

All they do is shoot fire or circus balls or candy rings

They can't transform things

Iggy koopa the scientist he have a wand

Yay projectile flinging - DCfnaf

What a reason. - TheEliteComet

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6 Saying Bowser Jr. "Stole Ludwig's Throne"

Bowser Jr is the rightful king, even though I like Ludwig better. Why, Ludwig? Why do you want to murder Bowser Jr?

I like this, but I think of Ludwig as heir to the throne to be honest - CommanderLudwig

Ludwig and Jr would actually get along due to similar motives - Randomator

No he didn't. You Ludwig fanboys are insane. Bowser Jr could have not possibly done this, all Jr did was replace the Koopalings for a few years. Also, Larry was the favorite so he could've been second in command.

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7 Repetitive Boss Battles

Wendy and Morton talks

"Unique bosses which correspond with their lands? NO! We'll just toss in the Koopalings and make them do the same retro trash boss battles of projectile flinging and shell spinning! Embrace the suck! " Nintendo.

Koopalings are this go to for lazy boss battles. - DCfnaf

Yeah and sadly they had to do this to my favorite characters...

Thank god they're in Mario kart 8 or else there wouldn't be anywhere else to love them - AbsoluteWank

8 The Koopalings Being All Threatening

Larry he steals Lemmy ball

Larry I hate you

One of the sayings was Give me a hint or I'll turn you into a lepercauhn. ARE YOU 5

Bowser jr

9 Making it All About Your Favorite Koopaling

This is what makes the fanbase weird. Instead of treating them like a group they like one and ignore the rest - Randomator

I am an example of a person who likes a certain few (Iggy, Larry, Lemmy) & my reason for liking these ones more than the others is because, well, I think they're personally a little bit cuter than the rest, & there's personality traits I like more about some of them than others

I actually kinda don't get your point - AbsoluteWank

Good god. I do not need to go over this. It has been seen thousands of times.

Iggy koopa and Lemmy koopa

Iggy koopa

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10 Making Your Favorite Koopaling the Winner

Lemmy can win the sack race
Lemmy is the best character ever
Lemmy kills all other Mario characters

I love Ludwig Von koopa he sings the best

I've seen this dozens of times. It's so dumb, and they unfairly won, just because they are your favorite

I saw this in Koopalings Go to the Park by AnimeBroMii

Ludwig had Rabbid, and went through a huge trial and error going through it

Lemmy just went up and caught him. WHAT THE HECK, every other time he hit Ludwig he ran off but, now he didn't

Lemmy koopa is the best koopaling

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11 Having the Koopaling Family Say "If You Want Something Done, Find Someone Else to Do It."

Are the cartoons even trying. THEY SUCK. That's not evil, that's stupid. The Koopalings are not like that. Just because they are evil doesn't mean they are reversed in good behavior.

That was dumb. So was that cartoon. - DCfnaf

I hate bowser jr he annoying

Lemmy koopa helps the good guys

12 They're Obnoxious and Loud


13 Lame Bosses
14 Overrated

There's always some annoying user hating on things just because it's "overrated". - darthvadern

15 No Personality

Lemmy has no personality besides being stupid on a ball

At least they have some personality except Larry, he has no personality at all just jumping and hiding.Lame.

If you pay attention to their boss battles you will realize they have some personality, Iggy is weirdo, Larry is short-tempered, Wendy is girly, Ludwig is bossy, Lemmy is unfocused, Roy is a bully, Morton is a brawler. - darthvadern

Neither has that fungus guy called "Toad". - darthvadern

16 They Don't Serve a Purpose

And NEITHER does Toad! Toad is just another one of those mushroom kingdom guys! - darthvadern

Aside from filler boss battles - Randomator

17 They Have Gotten Worse in Mario Kart 8
18 They are Not that Unique
19 They Made New Super Mario Bros. Worse
20 They watch and act like Caillou
21 They Watch Baby Shows that are Extremely Annoying
22 They Watch Stupid Annoying Shows

Like dora

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