Top Ten Things Disney, Nick, and Cartoon Network Should Do In 2015


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21 Get Original Characters - All Three

Seriously we kids desperately need more variety in plot to each and every show all of them different, with believable actors who know what they're doing with more experience, not to make the live-action shows so integrated into the same universe, complete abscence of a laugh track, and believable pacing. Plus when you have a show that has potential cling onto it and keep the variety going and end it at a good time, not when the plot get super dumb.

22 Destroy Pig Goat Banana Cricket - Nickelodeon

Wait, there's a show named like that? What was Nickelodeon thinking then? What a stupid name for a show.

Hey, I like this show! Just because its name is a mouthful doesn't mean it's bad! I like Pig, by the way.

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23 Replace Teen Titans Go! with a season 6 (or more seasons) of Teen Titans

Yes this should happen TTG is terrible while I miss teen titans

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24 Make Post-Movie SpongeBob Episodes Like The Pre-Movie Episodes

If they did this, SpongeBob would be good again.

25 Make Regular Show Have More Anime References

If they can reference Neon Genesis Evangelion, they should reference shows like Dragon Ball Z or Sword Art Online. Who knows what Mordecai and Rigby would be like as Super Saiyans or VRMMORPG players?

26 Give Paris Berelc Her Own Show - Disney V 1 Comment
27 Cancel Game Shakers
28 Cancel Dora The Explorer - Nick

Please I know my older brother is about 13 and still likes it

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29 Make Crossovers With Old Show Characters - All Three

Like I mean you shuold bring back the old shows stop using your money and use your brains

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