Things Disney Should Stop Doing

Disney is an awful company, and they suck to the point of getting hate.
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1 Buying Everything

There is a clear formulaic approach to how movies are done while under the guidance of Disney's hand. Risks are rarely taken, people rarely swears, and all movies are done for families or solely kids.

Well guess what. Grown-ups want to see movies too, and kids will one day become grown-ups and see those films as well. So every movie must not be kids friendly. Additionally, people are starting to become sick with being able to predict what will happen in every new scene. That is one of the major reasons why Game of Thrones has been such a success, the unpredictable story. But Disney-movies lack innovation and proper creativity in the story department, since the company does not really dare take risks. Sure it has paid off financially, but the art of film making has declined, as Disney has been a huge part of it.

Them buying everything is why Marvel and Star Wars weren't it Lego Dimensions and I really wanted them to be in it!

I'm very sure that Disney wants to buy every single Hollywood studio since they want to rule the film industry.

Why are Disney doing weird things while buying everything to the world?

2 Remaking Classic Movies Into Live Action

Instead of making live actions they should make move sequils like moana 2 or tangled 2. or new moves with new disney characters.

The Disney live-action remakes are the equivalent of a direct-to-video Disney sequel. No heart, no passion, just a quick way to make a quick buck.

Honestly, I think they're just out of ideas because they're too busy buying companies and when they do make live action movies, they just put famous actors just to get more recognized. And when they do the live action movies, they add in stuff that ruins the entire movie or remove stuff that makes the movie successful.

This is Disney shooting themselves in the foot by ruining their best movies! Up next on the chopping block of live action is the Lion King and possibly Alladin and Dumbo based on rumors I've heard. I don't hate live action by any means but if Disney is going to do it they need to do some of the lower tier movies instead of the top tier movies because most lower tier movies aren't very good anyway

3 Being Greedy

It annoys me that Disney is locking up classic 21st-century fox movies in their vault to prevent theaters from playing them. It just sucks that I might never see Die Hard in a 35mm showing.

They’re greedy alright, they want to buy everything and replace good T.V. shows and theme park attractions with garbage, and act like they’re gods.

That’s just silly and stupid, Disney focus’s too much on money and they’re extremely desparate for it, it’s just stupid.

Especially charging so much at their parks. At Disneyland:

$14 for a small plush toy
$100 for a 1 day park hopper ticket
$5 for Starbucks


4 Stereotyping Teenagers

On Many Disney Channel sitcoms these days, there are stereotypes in it.

The average girl, the dumb blonde, the twins, the boyfriend.
And they always get into some love triangle or something.

They even stereotype people of different languages and make fun of them.

Our world is no good these days.

Worse, projecting those teen stereotypes onto younger kids

Not all teenagers act like basic bitches who text 24/7.

5 Being Narcissistic

Disney, you are NOT Jesus Christ. Stop acting like you are the lord of the universe.

They act like they care about themselves because they’re very selfish.
They think they’re better than anyone else when they’re not.

Even their attempts at self-deprecation (*cough*RalphBreakstheInternet*cough*) come off as narcissistic

6 Being Lazy

Thanks hypocrites for making bad stuff a lot

They’re so lazy that they can’t be creative anymore, so they just recycle and rip off old elements, like good TV shows.

They used to make good shows and rides, but they’re garbage now and Disney can’t make anything good anymore,

7 Making Movies About Letting Go of Friends

Disney, you leave Hiro and Baymax alone! Wait, let me rephrase that: don't you dare make a Big Hero 6 sequel where Hiro and Baymax are forced to separate- this time for good (and without even a backup disk or whatever)!

They actually already did it a long time ago, with "The Fox and the Hound". We didn't need "Ralph Breaks the Internet" or "Toy Story 4" (or- granted it's DreamWorks- "How to Train Your Dragon 3" for that matter).

Unfortunately, this is the new "surprise villain"- I.e. Disney's forced way of saying "ha, you thought x but it's y instead ain't we clever"

Elsa's and/or Olaf's gonna stay in the enchanted forest or whatever while Anna goes back to Arendale in Frozen 2, I just know it.

8 Trying So Hard to Be Hip, Relevant, Trendy, Etc

You forgot "woke". They try too hard there, too.

Looking at you, Zootopia and especially Ralph Breaks the Internet (the latter also Disney "trying to 'atone' for their pre2010 princess movies")

9 Owning Non-Original Stuff

They own Star Wars, Avatar, and Marvel.
What George Lucas did with Star Wars to Disney was the worst decision he’s ever made.

Ever since then, Star Wars has been going downhill, the only exceptions were Revenge of the Sith and Rogue One, but everything else is just downhill garbage.
The Force Awakens was one of the worst Star Wars Movies ever made for being unoriginal, and the next episode will only be worse.

While some people thought Star Wars would be better without George Lucas, their consequences was that Star Wars would be dead without him.
Disney owns non-original stuff now, and they’re even making movie lands at their parks, including Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, at Disneyland and Disney World.

They’re Screwed.

I hope I must rather stick with Studio Ghibli than Marvel, Star Wars and Fox

10 Pandering to SJWS

Like how they retconned Anna and Elsa to be "actually" white passing biracial and their mom to be white passing? Not to mention introduced a WOC who people see as Elsa's new lesbian lover?

Add live-action "The Little Mermaid" to the list. There's no need for Ariel and her father and sisters to be black other than Disney's fake woke act.

Zootopia, Ralph Breaks the Internet, the Star Wars sequels, live action Beauty and the Beast...

Like turning Splash Mountain into a "The Princess and the Frog" ride to please the BLM crowd?

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11 Charging So Much at Their Parks

Vegas is cheaper!

12 Trying So Hard to "Atone" for the Pre-2010 Princesses

That's all that stupid Oh My Disney scene in Ralph Breaks the Internet with those vapid TWA teas I'm supposed to believe are the Disney Princesses is.

That includes continuing to merchandise the Princesses as they appeared in "Ralph Breaks the Internet" (or as they call them, the "comfy squad")

13 Being Racist

Disney’s just making shows that disgrace racism, with racist characters.

They make fun of certain races, and Disney just goes overboard on them.

What kind of company who made such awesome delightful and magical stuff would do such a thing to people of certain races?

It's gone from the overt racism of the 1940s and 1950s to the subtle racism of Jessie.

lol, I noticed the subtle racism in Jessie, an indian with a KOMODO DRAGON named "KIPLING", yeah...

14 Closing Down Good Attractions

They closed downtown Disney and replaced it with a hotel they also closed down tower of terror for a Cardenas of the galaxy ride and same thing with the universe of energy and the closed down paradise pier and replaced it with Picard pier. Disney pleas stop closing down good rides and close bad ones down instead like riches great escape and they should bring back the good atractions.

When they stopped liv and maddie and all those great shows I was so pissed off, I wanted to flip over a table. Do you know how great those shows are? They are lazy and a disgrace to Disney channel.

Like they're doing with Splash Mountain because it's "racist"

I miss these attractions a few years back

15 Portraying Certain Animals as Evil
16 Making Sequels

The direct to home media sequels in the late 90s through the Aughties were bad enough, but then they started releasing subpar sequels (*cough&Ralph Breaks the Internet*cough*) THEATRICALLY.

Also terrible hypocritical people making sequels to make this one worse than war, I am wish they are go back to make original movies

17 Making Horrible Video Games

Nintendo is better and more fun!

18 Making Fun of Itself
19 Relying on the Disney Princesses

Why the [heck] else were they in "Ralph Breaks the Internet"?

20 Taking Cues from Buzzfeed and Tumblr

Only reason they're turning Splash Mountain "The Princess and the Frog"

Enough already

21 Making All the Villains Get Defeated in Movies

I want to see a Hercules spin off movie where Hades rules Olympus!

22 Creating Plot Holes

"Frozen 2", "Ralph Breaks the Internet", and "Rise of Skywalker"

23 Keeping Disney World Inferior to Disneyland

If anything Disneyland is inferior to Disney World

Wait. How is Disney World inferior to Disneyland?

More kid friendly as Disneyland as well

I visited both and in my opinion Disney World is better. Here’s why:

-Closer: I live in Philadelphia. I flew 2 hrs to Orlando compared to 5 hrs to Anaheim.
-Weather: it rains a lot in Florida and none in CA. Both places are hot but due to the rain Florida is less humid. I got a bad sunburn at Disneyland while I hardly got burned at Disney World.
-More stuff to do: there’s horseback riding and water parks. Disneyland doesn’t have any of those. There are waterparks in SoCal (like Hurricane Harbor and Knotts Soak City) but they’re far and you need your own transportation to get there). Also WDW has 4 main theme parks while Disneyland has 2 (yes, I have visited all 6 of them)
-Disney World has a Mission Space ride while Disneyland doesn’t.
-It is the main park featured on the Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade T.V. Special. (They do show Disneyland but it doesn’t get as much attention as the Magic Kingdom did)
-There is a stationary kiddie coin operated ...more

24 Ripping Off Older Works
25 Casting "Flavor of the Month" Celebrities as Voice Actors

"Bolt" with Miley Cyrus, "Ralph Breaks the Internet" with Gal Gadot...

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