Top 10 Things that Distract You from Study

Studying ? Then you should avoid these .It'll always distract you .

The Top Ten

1 Social Sites

Like twitter,YouTube,Instagram etc - zxm

2 Video Games

Addictive thing - zxm

3 TV Shows
4 Sports

I can't study when there's an international match going on. - zxm

5 Movies
6 TV

Outside of movies or T.V. show T.V. distracts you from study.Like sports matches. - zxm

7 Noise

Very annoying. - zxm

8 Music

Trying to study. It gets boring. I put on music. Is this song a cover? Better delete it and spend an hour downloading a new one. I don't like this song? Skip it and try to find the one I like most. Great somg? To hell with studying, lets lipsync this song in fromt of the mirror. - AnonymousChick

9 Smartphones Smartphones
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