Top Ten Best Things to Do After Homework


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1 Go On YouTube


I highly recommend it!


I do this all the time, everyday bro

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2 Text People

It's the opposite of going on YouTube but it's more private than have to let other unknown people in your conversation. - JaysTop10List

Hmm probably something good to do after homework.

It's better texting because its more private

I do this all the time. - cosmo

3 Play Some Games On A Device


Play fortnite

You know when you get bored or something you just feel like playing some good games. Well I'll recommend you to play Angry Birds, Slenderman ( if you dare! ) etc. - JaysTop10List

Yep probably 10/10 times I do this on my phone and iPad

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4 Jam Some Music On A Stereo

Shrek is good. Shrek is great. Shrek is life.

You want to be a DJ for a certain time? Jam music for a least 10 - 35 minutes. But don't make your mom blabber about the volume. Oh I forgot about the volume! Turn it up a least to 20 or 18 but more than 25 will make your mom go CRAY CRAY! - JaysTop10List


That's awesome... I just finished my HW!
This is what I am going to do!


5 Watch A Movie

Oh yeah.

Try watching a horror or a comedy movie that you love. - JaysTop10List

Oh year! This is my stuff - Alexandr

6 Go on thetoptens

Always gotta catch up on making lists - Peppapigsucks

This is what I do almost everyday! - funnyuser

Always gotta chech my lists - winfreyb

7 See The Latest News Of A Celebrity

You want to know what's happening with the artist that we have in our world? WELL TYPE UP THE CELEBRITY'S NAME AND BOOM! You have the latest news! - JaysTop10List

You are an idiot for saying that

8 Watch TV

I do this everyday. - cosmo

9 Buy Something From A Party Store Near You

If your mom lets you, go buy something from a party store NEAR you even though it isn't your birthday. - JaysTop10List

10 Play Fetch With A Dog

We need to spend all our time in nature instead of the evil people trying to deceive us on staying inside our homes playing games (video games)...

Mine's a lab pit bull mix and he can fetch but he's not gonna give it back... It's still fun to see your dog after school because u haven't got to play with him all day!

If you have a dog and a thing to fetch with, play few catches of Fetch. - JaysTop10List

I loved playing fetch with my Rocket - JaysTop10List

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11 Do more home work.

What? Why?!

Do more homework is the stupidest thing to do after home cause homework sucks this should really be removed

Homework helps you think and gives you an idea what questions would be asked during a test. Doing more homework will help you prepare for exams and you also won't need to worry about getting in trouble anymore!

No way homework sucks this should be removed now.

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12 Sleep

Yes, just yes

Why isn't this number 1 homeworks exhausting asf

13 Start Farting

Oh ew no lmfao



14 Watch A Film From The Media Center

I'm only recommending this for people that have a Pavilion g7- 1310us Notebook PC. If you don't have a film, try making 2 or 4 short movies. - JaysTop10List

15 Play ROBLOX

This is so valid


it is fun

16 Dab

Because why not?

Just Because

17 Have Sex

This is pretty nasty - JaysTop10List

This is not appropriate

I agree it ain’t

18 Cyberbully Cyberbullies
19 Post A Video On A Website That You're Logged Into

Finally, If you're extremely bored, post a video and then post it on a website that you're LOGGED into. - JaysTop10List

20 Murder a BigMac.

Hmm... I said that to my friend once and his face was so funny! - JaysTop10List



21 Eat All the Snacks

That is really unhealthy.

22 Watch Anime

Hell yeah! Shoutout to my fellow weebs! ❤️

23 Video call your friends

It's something you do to be more social. As it also can help you and your friends with talking, to he choter.
You can also plan to go wacth a movie or play video games or hangout. And you can meet new people. And if your under ten, you can play in your garden or go to a playground. (If you have a phone when your younger then ten) You don't have to call your friends you can also call your mom/dad. (maybe plan a family vacation not just threw talking over the phone)(if your over 18)

24 Masturbate

What is going through your mind bruh really you nasty child

25 Have Phone Sex.


26 Draw!

Drawing is always a good way to relieve stress. Its fun and if you don't feel like electronics, then you can scetch your own world of imagination! That waas cheesy. I know. But it's still fun.

27 Go Outside!! Have Some Fun!

Going outside makes you more happy and optimistic and less likely to suffer from depression! Plus it is refreshing to go outside and have fun!

28 Eat

I like eating

Don't over do it though...

29 Play Video Games

Because they're fun


30 Cuddle Your Pets

I mean you just survived a natural disaster worth of papers and stuff, gotta let the pets know your alive

also they're cute so why wouldn't you

31 Tidy Your Workspace

Tidy your workspace so you don't have to do it later. Then go to bed.

32 Go to bed
33 Straw


34 Smirk for a bit.
35 Gawk at pink penguin toe nails.
36 Hangout With Friends
37 Play Cards
38 Play MSP
39 Get together

Get together with your family and play a game

40 Play with Your Dolls
41 Nuke it
42 Dance
43 Freshen Up

Take time to clean and nuture your body

44 Go Through Google for Games
45 Watch YouTube
46 Admire Yourself

You just finished homework... I mean you have the right to admire what you've done to be honest

47 Watch Porn
48 Take a long shower or bath

Hey it’s cool

49 Read a Good Book

Settling down with a book, a nice warm blanket and some hot chocolate is just the best

50 Pet your pet

Pets are cute and soft...the end.

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