Top Ten Best Things to Do After Watching a Scary Movie

You should do this after watching a scary movie. These are the best ways to not be scared anymore.

The Top Ten

1 Open the door to strangers
2 Spend the night in a cemetery

Duh face your fear but sometimes it may be scary but still you can face something scarier then come home realize you should be scared of something more real I think!

3 Answer "the phone call"

Yeah just in case someone is here to murder u who ever your talking to will call the cop

4 Watch another horror movie in a haunted house that people have died in by yourself

This is fun to do. You should try it one night. The best nights to do it is in Friday the 13th and Halloween. - TopTensFan

5 Eat a dead chicken

They taste good fried. - TopTensFan

6 Play Charlie Charlie in the bathroom with the lights off I'm a haunted house by yourself
7 Go in the bathroom or locker room with your friends with the lights off and say Bloody Mary five times in the mirror

I tried saying "Bloody Mary" three times in the mirror when I was younger, but it did not work. - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

After gym class me and my friends did this and she showed up and we started yelling for help and running and one of my friends had eat her for lunch but before he did that she ate one of my friends. His name was Charlie Murphy. And that's how the Charlie Charlie game started. - TopTensFan

8 Spend the night in a Morgue

When would someone ever spend th night in a morgue unless they worked there

9 Watch kid's cartoons
10 Watch Boy Meets World

The Contenders

11 Have dinner with the Flying Dutchman in a haunted mansion with your friends
12 Watch the sequel
13 Get a dog
14 Rip the disc to shreds
15 Have nightmares

I never had nightmares in my life, until I had a few of them... - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

16 Watch the Backyardigans

These cute little animal children will calm you down because of their dancing and singing. :D - Ilovestephanie

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