Top Ten Things to Do In an Alien Invasion

Aliens are out there, you know it! So this is what we must do! Ok?

The Top Ten Things to Do In an Alien Invasion

1 Form Your Team

Its impossible for aliens to reach this planet they live in galaxies to far away from earth.

Its ok to think outside the box, but for the list we don't know what aliens really are or if they would even like being called an "alien"


Get at least 5 of each so you can survive. - ToptenPizza

2 Run Away from Town to Form Your Own Civilization

This is what I’d do! I might even flee the country. Lol
I don’t think I could be of help, anyways. - Misfire

The aliens probably abducted a bunch of people. So you should start rebuilding society. And hide from aliens - ToptenPizza

3 Create a Mine Shaft, Farm, Lab and Military Place

Mine shaft would be for getting valuable ores to use to make weapons, farm for food, lab to study and get info on aliens, the military place is for making nukes and tanks and stuff. - ToptenPizza

4 Plan Attack On Alien Ship

Okay, just shoot at anything we don't understand. For all we know, we just shot the last of an intelligent species that came down to help up out. Spend ages wondering about the existence of aliens, and then just plan to kill them all when they come? - keycha1n

Preferably the big one. - ToptenPizza

5 Make Weapons

Why is our first instinct attacking? - keycha1n

You will need to make some to attack - ToptenPizza

6 Eliminate Aliens In the Towns

These comments are interesting. We should wait to see if they are here to help or hurt - ToptenPizza

Preferably in a big action fighting montage where everyone is shooting in slow mode and someone sacrifices themself for their significant other. - ToptenPizza

But what if there's a starman waiting in the sky to tell us we've got five years left to survive? Should we freak out? Or listen? - PetSounds

7 Nuke Places Taken Over by Aliens

Let it blow, let it blow, don't give a $h! + anymore, let it blow, let it blow, turn away and knock it down. I don't care, what they're trying to build, it's a piece of junk, they're feelings never bothered me anyway. - ToptenPizza

8 Gather All Survivors for Big Attack
9 Sneak in the UFO and Mess with the Electricity So It Blows Up

Hpoefully not with you in it - IpodSwagger

10 Strut Out With Your Team Behind You Like a Boss

Like a boss. With your hair swinging everywhere. - ToptenPizza

The Contenders

11 Kill Them
12 Get Water
13 Play Space Invaders
14 Watch Invader Zim

I'm gunna sing The Doom Song now!
Doom doom doom doom doom,
doom doom do DOOM,
DOOOM doom do-doom,
DOOM do-doom doom dom,
doom doom dooom, do-do-DOOOM!

(6 months later)

Doom doom doo doom doom,
doom do do DOOM,
Do do DOOM,
Doom doom doom THE END

15 Watch Futurama
16 Ask How the Hell They Got to Earth?

Being so far far away.
Its like if some random religion is true and there is some random heavens and how the soul reaches it without help.

17 Watch Steven Universe
18 Steal the Inventions
19 Rat Out Your Fellow Man to Curry Favour with Your New Alien Overlords

Someone had to suggest it... - truckturner

20 Travel to another Planet
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