Top Ten Things to Do As Justin Bieber for 1 Hour and Change Back

The Top Ten

1 Give all his money to TheTopTens to split among users

Then we'd be rich!

HELL YEAH! - Mariomaster63

2 Wait to the last second and jump off a cliff
3 Tell his fans they are losers
4 Get ready to jump into a pool of sharks
5 Eat all the food you can

Hi. I'm lardo - FerrariDude64

6 Give all his money to metal music

Now metal bands won't have to become sellouts! Or at least, if this happens monthly...

7 Kill Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus then kill yourself

Time for a killing spree! Lol

8 Poop on his fans

I think his controversies will show that this will be his tipping point.

9 Tell everyone to go on TheTopTens and vote

Oh that would be cool! I wonder how the Beliebers will vote, though.

10 Make a song that makes him look like a douche

More haters! Hahaaha!

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