Top 10 Things to Do as a New User

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1 Make comments

Three days in and this list has really helped. Thanks! - SirSheep

Thank you for making this list lovefrombadlands it really helped

2 Make a list
3 Introduce yourself using your description

Hi, I hope you enjoy me I’m new to being a vis but lovefrombadlands spectralowl perfect impulse are my favorite top tenner Gen 18 is bringing in some good ones

4 Make your first post

Mine is going to be long. - Ashes

And of course, mine was 4 sentences.

Ok I will - LootLlama

5 Create a profile picture
6 Make friends
7 Follow people
8 Get really excited when you have your first follower
9 Make a list about yourself

My friend Caden did - LootLlama

10 Get a profile picture

My first one is a white clock and then I change my profile pic like every day and ironic while I'm suspended- Kevinsidis

Was it a clock because when you look at it, you would say "it's time to change my profile picture! "

@Lovefrombadlands not yet finished.Uh I got repulsed every profile picture so I mean that it feels unstable to me so I try to find profile pics,but they don't work so A pulsar of positronwildhawk builds a stable,complex structure for me and still...- Kevinsidis

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11 Remix a list
12 Spy on popular users

I used to do this. I went on whatever list they went on.

13 Make your description
14 Look at your notifications

I want an account I’m not allowed one

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