LS- My Idea Of A Winter Break

Luxam Some of this contains detail about my personal experiences.

The best part of Christmas break, of course, would be enjoying your presents. Plush toys, video games, sports balls, you name it. I would be playing my video games or finishing my old ones. My break is much shorter than the breaks of people who live in the US & UK, so I enjoy all the time I can get. Also a reminder not to take breaks for granted. I sleep in whenever I can, as I just hate waking up early. The break is great opportunity to hang out with your friends more, & you don't have anything school or work-related to worry you or get in your way of things. If you're lucky, you might get snow, & you'd get the chance to play in it. Snowball fights, snow forts, & snowmen are my favourite snow activities. Unfortunately, it doesn't snow where I live. The only times I had experienced snow was when I was a child. To top the break off, you should go on a vacation. I mostly take road trips or fly to farther places to spend my time. This year, I flew up North to Texas, which happened a couple days ago.

Anon, your list is decent, but I think some better choices could have been added to it. What about eating cookies, having parties, or perhaps go out? Generally, people often to those activities.

I'd always get lots of choclate & cookies for Christmas, & I'd be swallowing them down. There are also Christmas parties being held that you could go to. They could be hosted by your family, friends, or at local, public places. It's also a good idea to go shopping on break, for gifts for others & for fun, as most places close down when Christmas comes around.

Anyways, I hope all of you have a happy holiday. Whether you celebrate Christmas, a different holiday, or none at all, I wish you joy & fun for the rest of this year. Enjoy your gifts, food, snow, & all. Also, remember to give love & wish the best to those who are alone for the holidays.

Luxa out.