Top Ten Best Things to Do On Club Penguin

I've had a Club Penguin account for a while, and surprisingly after a REALLY LONG TIME, I still remember my password! Now, I adventured the world again and I did the classic things I loved doing before..

The Top Ten

1 Interrupt somebody's date

I remember I did this once and I thought it was funny but I eventually decided to stop since this wasnt nice. - cosmo

2 Be a waiter

So I Come Home From Work. And I Then Do My 10 Minute Shift At The Pizza Parlour. It's Fun As Heck - CiaranSean

That is just a random thing to do.

3 Sit on people even when they get mad at you
4 Say you stole something in a building then wait for somebody to chase you

Yup! Running round the pizza parlour is funny as hell when those stupid EPF people try to chase you and fail.

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5 Pretend to cry in a corner

Why would you do that?

6 Pretend to drown
7 Get "married"
8 Dance in the wrong places
9 Shout random stuff
10 Follow somebody and call them your "pair of pants", when following shout, "PANTS! I NEED YOU!"

I have never done that but it sounds awesome

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11 Abuse pookies
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