Top Ten Best Things to Do On Club Penguin

I've had a Club Penguin account for a while, and surprisingly after a REALLY LONG TIME, I still remember my password! Now, I adventured the world again and I did the classic things I loved doing before..

The Top Ten

1 Interrupt somebody's date

I remember I did this once and I thought it was funny but I eventually decided to stop since this wasnt nice. - cosmo

2 Be a waiter

So I Come Home From Work. And I Then Do My 10 Minute Shift At The Pizza Parlour. It's Fun As Heck - CiaranSean

I worked with this guy who would not stop farting on pizza. It was HILARIOUS

That is just a random thing to do.

3 Sit on people even when they get mad at you

LOL I love doing this

4 Say you stole something in a building then wait for somebody to chase you

That would be hilarious to wait if the police chases you.

Yup! Running round the pizza parlour is funny as hell when those stupid EPF people try to chase you and fail.

5 Pretend to cry in a corner

Why would you do that?

6 Pretend to drown
7 Get "married"
8 Dance in the wrong places
9 Shout random stuff
10 Follow somebody and call them your "pair of pants", when following shout, "PANTS! I NEED YOU!"

I have never done that but it sounds awesome

Lol! This list is getting funny! :D - cosmo

The Contenders

11 Abuse pookies
12 Play the best games
13 Earn stamps
14 Roast Pookies
15 Get in the middle of a big fight
16 Hang out with your friends
17 Troll People Troll People
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