Top Ten Things You Would Do If You Couldn't Get Hurt

Just what would you do if for one day you couldn't get hurt or die from anything.

The Top Ten

1 Jump Off of the Empire State Building
2 Go to War

Check it out You can kill everyone and and winning the war and the next thing when you go home you're a Billionaire - SmoothCriminal

Id do it to save Australia if I needed to

It be impossible to lose! - booklover1

Not true. The list says "if you could GET HURT," not "if you couldn't DIE or get hurt." In war, you may not feel pain, but you would still be able to die.

Kill kill kill kill kill - Warwolf18

3 Try to Jump the Grand Canyon In a Car

Sounds fun. I wish I couldn't die or get hurt, that'd be awesome. Go try this, just don't try this at home. Nah kidding, you can't anyway - CALLOFDUTY,BITCH

4 Get In a Fight With Chuck Norris

You can't. Even though you'd be immortal, you'll die anyway or else the whole universe would be destroyed. - MaxPap

5 Swim to the Bottom of the Ocean

The bottom of the sea would look beautiful, especially since I wont have to breath - HYDRAflash

6 Stand In a Huge Fire

Wow just thinking of this makes me sad I cant:( I've tried but it hurts:( - 7beach77

Since fire is my favorite element, I'd totally do this if I can't get hurt! - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

o heck yes thats a pyros dream right there - Okami

7 Demolish a Building While You're In It
8 Jump Out of a Plane
9 Get Hit by a Car
10 Be a Cop

The Contenders

11 Be a Stunt Man
12 Fall Off Niagra Falls In a Barrel
13 Tap Dance On a Land Mine
14 Wrestle A Bear

Why does this remind me of a band name? - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

15 Trying to kill Godzilla with a box cutter and a can of apples
16 Try to Break a Nokia Phone with Your Hand
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