Best Things to Do on Deviantart

The Top Ten

1 Search for fan art

Yeah, but it's difficult to avoid offensive fan art. *sigh* Sometimes I feel like I'm searching for diamonds in a cess pool.

But beware of porn! - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

But I like good fan art, not porn. Just good fan art I would like to search.-Vestalis

Don't search for fetishes and/or porn.-Vestalis

2 Add works to your favorites
3 Watch other deviants
4 Submit your own works
5 Make an account
6 Make a journal
7 Be part of a deviant group
8 Earn rewards, memberships and badges
9 Give deviants something (points, core membership, etc.)
10 Comment on deviations

The Contenders

11 Complain about fetish art
12 Making Quinkan Art
13 Searching for good fanworks of your favorite characters and series.
14 Disable comments on your pages and work
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