Top Ten Things to Do to Donald Trump If You Saw Him in Real Life

The Top Ten

1 Drag him to a frozen lake and trap him under the ice
2 Spit on him

This is funny but at the same time this is too much.

Pretty sure now that he is in office, this list is illegal.

3 Flip him off
4 Moon him
5 Tell him he has small hands
6 Summon a sharknado

I will, with the power of Tumblr users! - Skullkid755

7 Steal his hair
8 Grab the closest spoon and use it to scoop his eyes out
9 Sell him Mexican products
10 Kill him

The Contenders

11 Kick him in the nuts
12 Rip his heart from his chest, then while he's screaming, dump lava on him while cackling wildly
13 Pee on him
14 Kick him
15 Sneeze on him
16 Spray him with spray paint
17 Pray to Mecca
18 Force him to listen to Nicki Minaj
19 Tell Him That He Should Lose Weight
20 Get a Mexican army
21 Force Him to Watch The Problem Solverz
22 Assassinate him

NO! He'll become a martyr. Plus, you'd get Pence.

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