Things to Do During the Coronavirus Outbreak

The Top Ten Things to Do During the Coronavirus Outbreak

1 Wash your hands frequently

Just wash your hands every now and then whenever you've touched something crummy or in the sense that contains bacteria. EX: touching doorknobs, coins, chairs, desks, etc. Matter of fact, you should wash your hands immediately and not save up the moments until you will wash your hands later. You should wash your hands with warm water up to 20 seconds as the best way of getting rid of bacteria. Don't use hand sanitizer as an alternative frequently compared to hand soap, it's just not natural at all. In all honesty, if people listened to these exact instructions including and most importantly washing your hands, this epidemic will be averted faster without the epidemic getting worse and worse as the forsaken scientists are finding a cure. This would simply make it much easier of this epidemic not getting out of hand. - Kevinsidis

This is something you should already do. Wash hands and keep hand sanitize with you. - Dannny828283

I always do this when I go outside in public and when I use the bathroom

True, hygiene is very important. - Userguy44

2 Stay in home

Stay at home when you are ill. In my opinion, staying at home without going on a fancy or special occasion is the best suggestion to lower the risks of getting the virus. I would take advantage at home by doing productive or just by doing something else. - Kevinsidis

I try to stay home as much, unless I need to go outside for something really important like my job. - Userguy44

I always try to stay home - trains45

I feel bored now at home but sometimes I am not. - ElSherlock

3 Disinfect items and objects frequently

Same as the washing hands item. If you follow instructions, then the epidemic will be averted sooner. - Kevinsidis

4 Stop hoarding supplies

Again, this is what makes the epidemic worse and worse. It's making people panic more and more and it devastate the people in need. You're being completely selfish and self-centered by not giving a damn about others but only yourself. In my own humble opinion, this is the worst thing you could ever do while people are living through a terrible time. Why not instead be rational like a decent human being and just give to others? I believe if we give each other, we would avert this epidemic together and we would benefit from each other. - Kevinsidis

Also, people are hoarding over supplies like toilet paper. It's ridiculous. - Kevinsidis

I can't stand witnessing people being so selfish. The stores are trying to crack down on hoarding to only have people not listen and backtalking employees.

Target is out of tolit paper and wipes...

5 Play video games

That's another thing of keeping your mind on something else. - Kevinsidis

I actually ordered a racing wheel - railfan99

I played video games a few times - trains45

6 Listen to music

At least it will make you relax and then you are telling yourself that everything will be OK. - Kevinsidis

justin bieber sucks!

I don't even care if he released a new album recently, his hate has been getting old for years. - shadomatrix

Naw Niall Horan's better than Justin Bieber

I have a few times on my phone or on the radio - trains45

7 Exercise

Not only it benefits physically, but mentally as well. A clear mind will be useful. - Kevinsidis

Let's go for a walk.

8 Keep on a lookout for upcoming news

Be aware whenever the news comes up. It will be useful to you by giving you tips and precautions of getting the virus. It's also useful for getting info about the epidemic spreading throughout the country and other countries that may include your own state that could be infested with the virus. - Kevinsidis

9 Get on TheTopTens

Coronavirus or not, I check in on here pretty much every day. - Userguy44

I’ll try to get on and be as productive as possible but if there’s no sports it may be hard for me to do anything in terms of lists - Randomator

I go on thetoptens everyday pretty much - trains45

Something I've been doing a lot lately. - aj2005

10 Do something productive

Take your chances and do something productive. If it involves other than schoolwork, then I would take advantage of creating something you want to create. If you want to create a song, go for it. If you want to create a poem, go for it. If you want to unleash your creativity and imagination into your own work, go for it! Don't go for it later, go for it now! - Kevinsidis

Day 26: I measured the length of the mammoth of Ice Age and he's over half the length of the Titanic. - junk

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11 Binge-watch streaming services

I don't mind watching Netflix 24/7 in all honesty. - Kevinsidis

Nah, physical media is better. - aj2005

me on netflix and disney plus

12 Pray

Dear lord,
Please save this planet from this deadly plague,
Please not allow anymore people pass away and leave their family and friends behind,
The world is already hell and we do not need more of it,
We need a sign of hope and love on the Planet Earth,
Please take care of the dead in heaven and make sure they reunite with their loved ones in the far future,
Lord spare the lives of the sick and help us, the human race, recover from this travesty,
Evil has no place on this planet anymore,

Thank you to the first commenter! But please write it like 'Lord' sorry if I annoyed anyone have a nice day/night!😊

13 Talk with your friends online

Like the ones from school. - ElSherlock

14 Do jigsaw puzzles
15 Read

Very informative. Highly recommended

I like reading sometimes. - ElSherlock

16 Watch a movie

I haven't watched any movie for a while so it's time to plan on watching one I like. - ElSherlock


17 Play basketball

but you can't go outside! - DevMeJew

It's fun...

18 Go to the hospital

Only if you have coronavirus. - ElSherlock

19 Play with your dog

It always nice to play with our dogs, if you own one - trains45

20 Have a nice spa bath
21 Do all the work the teachers send you

Really? Wouldn't that become boring after awhile?

22 Wash your face
23 Go to the National Park

90% of national parks are open - Maddox121

24 Have sex

Couldn't that unintentionally spread COVID-19? - aj2005

People having more sex or less sex than usual won't change a thing with this virus. A virus can be passed down from one person to the other without the two individuals even touching each other. Sex has nothing to do with the spreading of a virus like the COVID-19. - RogerMcBaloney

Oh yeah! That or masturbate. - Kenny_McCormick

This is fine. - ElSherlock

Eh ok. - Userguy44

25 Give yourself a facial
26 Participate in online social media
27 Warn everyone about covid-19
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