Things to Do to Enjoy a Holiday Break As a Student

Everybody enjoys their holiday breaks with their own styles .But if you haven't decided yet what to do then you could try these following steps . These are the most enjoyable things that I've enjoyed during holidays
Instead of facebooking for all day i think these are better .

So I've tried my best.If you like it then you could add more on this list.

The Top Ten

1 Waking up late in the morning

You can't get to sleep enough everyday.So I think this is the best thing what we wait for. - zxm

2 Watching movies

Watching movies on holidays feels so much better than watching those on working days - zxm

3 Not doing any homework

Yes, spending a whole day without doing any home work or study feels awesome - zxm

4 Visiting an interesting place
5 Spending time with your friends/family
6 Going out for dinner
7 Amateur hunting

I know it can sound crazy. Especially for them who live in cities. I live in a city too. But back there when I went to a village on a vacation I really enjoyed it. It doesn't matter if you can hunt animal or not. For some people this day may be like one hell of a day. But when they'll be back at their busy lives then they'll realize how amazing that day was - zxm

8 Playing indoor/outdoor games
9 Going on a long journey
10 Increasing your skills with hobbies

Do your favorite works more and more if it increases your skills.Like painting pictures,playing guitars,gardening whatever - zxm

The Contenders

11 Watch TV

Yes watching T.V. all day is also cool - zxm

12 Listen to Music
13 Staying up late
14 Gaming
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