Top Ten Things to Do for a 14th Birthday

With my bday coming on the 17th, I wrote down some things I should do when it comes around

The Top Ten

1 Stop going to Chuck E. Cheese's

I stopped going when I was 9 the main reason is because the one I went to had everything broken - Matt92647

I have to go a lot because of my younger sister, but I would love to stop going there. - Minecraftcrazy530

I never went there, never will, don't wanna go there unless I get paid 5000$.

Your NEVER too old for Chuck E Cheese's

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2 Don't stress

Easier said than done. Its summer and I'm still stressed. - keycha1n

Here's my problem I stress a lot - Matt92647

3 Throw a party

Throw a party and just have amaing tunes blaring and just have fun drinks water soft frink in cans is the key to amazing parties and also boys if u can

4 Make some new friends

This is did do on my birthday! - keycha1n

5 Make dinner for their family

My birthday is coming up (July 28th)and I'm going to make cupcakes! :) The only problem is figuring out what kind to make. I'm thinking chocolate with blue frosting. - music-is-life

6 Get a girlfriend

Actually, take old Groomin' Gabe's (me) advice... Don't get a girlfriend until you are 15, or at least truly mature. I have been in a relationship before, and that relationship lasted for 3 months, all because we were too young and immature. She was a nice, beautiful young lady, but she lost interest in me because I was immature and inexperienced with dating...

That happened when I was 12, but I'm 13 now, approaching my 14th. You could get a girlfriend at 14, but I want you to know this: DO NOT get a girlfriend if are not mature enough! The heartbreak will leave you in the dust for a long time!

It's a lot harder than it sounds, sorry - Quart

Danteem: I never had a girlfriend and I'm 14. I don't want one. I'm independent.

7 Try a new activity
8 Try to drink beer

And get arrested for underage drinking? No thank you! - RiverClanRocks

9 Listen to your favorite music artists

Then if there are other people there you could have a dance party! - RiverClanRocks

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1. Stop going to Chuck E. Cheese's
2. Throw a party
3. Make dinner for their family
1. Stop going to Chuck E. Cheese's
2. Don't stress
3. Try a new activity


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