Top Ten Best Things to Do for a 16th Birthday

I need help! I have no idea what to do for my birthday and it's coming up fast! Add ideas onto the list if you have them!

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1 Tubing down the river

If your looking for something you should do this, that would be awesome! - Therandom

My brother didn't do this for his 16th birthday, his life is incomplete. So I guess I'm doing this. - isaaonrtdmtr

I like your style and happy birthday I presume? You also seem to be a doors fan.

I've done this before and I really enjoyed it. Perfect for a summer day with friends
Con: $20 per person - LizardKing99

2 Water balloon/water gun war & smores bonfire

Thanks for making this list. My 16 birthday is soon & I'll need some cooler ideas. - ruJILLous

So fun! I used to do this all the time growing up. Oh the memories. Good Times - OriginalVisionary

I guess those water balloons would come in useful if the fire got out of hand. :P - PositronWildhawk

Go to a state park maybe? - PetSounds

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3 Go hiking to a nice cleared area and hang

Well, if your life is really that awful, hang away, where nobody can find you! - PositronWildhawk

This would be very nice to do, but this is a sweet sixteen we are talking about. - AnonymousChick

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4 Retro costume party

Everybody comes as a celebrity, character, etc from the 60s -90s. I would come as Jimmy Page obviously.
Con: everybody may not participate - LizardKing99

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5 Go downtown and toke

Lots of cool shops and cultural places downtown
Con: it's gonna be hot walking around - LizardKing99

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6 Go busking/jamming

Everybody brings their instruments and we go get some pocket change
Con: parents might be weird about this - LizardKing99

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7 Go to the mall or something

Or something makes everything better. - RiverClanRocks

Last resort idea, I've already done this a million times - LizardKing99

I love doing "Or Something" for my birthday! On my next birthday card it shall read:
"Come to Peyton's birthday or something". AWESOME! - letdot52

8 Go for ice cream with friends
9 Throw a huge party
10 Go to a concert

I would love to do this but that is actually my big birthday present! It doesn't happen until September though - LizardKing99

The Contenders

11 Hit on random people

Hello, I love you, won't you tell me your name? - PetSounds

"Hey, it's my birthday, wanna go out? " - isaaonrtdmtr

12 Go skating V 1 Comment
13 Get laid V 1 Comment
14 Get wasted
15 Eat cheese V 1 Comment
16 Go see a movie

It's what I did on my sixteenth birthday. - PositronWildhawk

17 Start a new hobby
18 Hangout with friends
19 Go swimming
20 Play video games

It would be a Pokemon birthday party! GENIUS! - RiverClanRocks

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1. Tubing down the river
2. Water balloon/water gun war & smores bonfire
3. Go hiking to a nice cleared area and hang
1. Tubing down the river
2. Water balloon/water gun war & smores bonfire
3. Go downtown and toke
1. Water balloon/water gun war & smores bonfire
2. Tubing down the river
3. Retro costume party



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