Top Ten Best Things to Do for a Friend

Special thanks to the wonderful user LizardKing99 for helping me with this list!

The Top Ten

1 Be There For Them

It's what friends are for. - EpicJake

My best friend said she will always be there for me and she was I ran into the bathroom upset and she followed me even though she had better things to do anyway FRIENDS ARE AWESOME! 😀😊

2 Be Loyal

Mess with one of my friends (unless he/she is being a jerk) and you're messing with me. - PetSounds

That's what I always do. That's an important part in friendship. - Delgia2k

Loyalty is very important, its not that you don't know, its just that you aren't. - Ananya

My friends are all loyal to each other. Hurt them and your messing with me. - MrQuaz680

3 Love them

I love my friends so much! - keycha1n

4 Defend Them
5 Be Nice To Them

A true friend is always nice to his friends. - Delgia2k

6 Help Them

Good list! All these items are very true. - cosmo

They help me with video games. I help them with school work - MrQuaz680

I'll never let my friends down. - Delgia2k

7 Spend Time With Them
8 Open Up to Them
9 Trust Them
10 Be Yourself

The Contenders

11 Hug Them

I love hugs. I will accept them from any friend of mine~ - LizardKing99

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