Top 10 Best Things to Do on Halloween

There are quite a few things you can do on Halloween, here we count down the best things you or some buddies can do on Halloween!

The Top Ten

1 Go to haunted houses

I am going to a couple haunted houses next week the day before and on Halloween, they are really fun, but sometimes too much. - Phillip873

Sounds very scary but exciting at the same time.

I want to do Pennhurst Asylum one year

2 Carve pumpkins

There are contests for these kind of things. Even if you can't carve your own, you can still look at some of the very neat ones others make! - Phillip873

3 Trick or treating Trick or treating

It's more for children under 12, but I would still do this! I always like to get free candy, however some people give out weird crap to you. - Phillip873

4 Watch scary movies

Lots of movies you can watch that put people in the spirit of Halloween. - Phillip873

5 Participate in a costume contest

I have a marching band rehearsal the day of Halloween, and we are going to have a costume contest after (I'm going as an in-n-out fry cook) and these things are always fun! - Phillip873

6 Go to an amusement park

Lots of big theme parks do stuff for Halloween (for example: Disneyland, Knotts Scary Farm, Six Flags, etc.). They offer quite a bit - Phillip873

I wish! :(

7 Give out candy

Thankfully, my mom finally managed to convince her work to let her stay home to supervise me on Halloween, so now I can't wait to give out candy again this Halloween. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

It's always nice to see smiles on the faces of the people you give out candy too! - Phillip873

8 Buy a lot of candy to eat

Don't judge me, I've done this once before because my dad thought I got screwed over on Halloween, so I bought candy from the store as they were on sale - Phillip873

9 Sleep

Some people really don't want to deal with Halloween, so they just sleep... - Phillip873

10 Prank people

Some people do this to their buddies or poor unsuspecting neighbors, obviously they have fun. - Phillip873

The Contenders

11 Listen to Thriller

I LOVE Michael Jackson! I LOVE this song! He is the BEST! Others are also very talented at dancing, but no one beats Michael Jackson, especially his moonwalking skills. He's an INTERNATIONAL ICON. I'm not a huge fan of celebrities nower days. He is also very BEAUTIFUL. 😍

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