Top Ten Things to Do to Help Fall Asleep

I should probably be sleeping now, oh well. I'll just follow my own advice.

The Top Ten

1 Read a Book

Boring books works

Particularly something easy but educational, or mindless and lighthearted. Like Diary Of A Wimpy Kid, which I would never read if I was awake and sane... - keycha1n

I usually daydream about my Pokemon journey with my eyes open. I keep daydreaming and sometime without realizing I fall asleep. - Animefan12

Reading relaxes your mind and body, and makes your eyes droopy. Perfect for sleep - ToptenPizza

2 Exercise

Exercise releases awake-hormones! Even as a 3rd grader, people gave me this advice and trust me, it doesn't work! If anything, you'll find it even harder to sleep! - keycha1n

Perfect to get yourself tired - ToptenPizza

3 Take Melatonin

There is a 99% chance I misspelled that, and the percentage goes before the number, but it is a natural way to go to sleep without weird side affects - ToptenPizza

It... Kinda works? It just gives me really vivid, colorful dreams. Not quite sure if I actually sleep faster though. Maybe I'm not taking enough... - keycha1n

I knew it wasn't a coincidence I had weird, vivid dreams whenever I take it. I thought it was because I was loosing it. - ToptenPizza

Melatonin literally did nothing for me except give me strange dreams - ryanrimmel

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4 Listen to Subliminal Messages

This is sort of a joke but ok - ToptenPizza

5 Think of a Landscape

Counting sheep is actually pointless. It is too boring to focus on. What works for me is I think of a landscape, such as city, or beach, and eventually I just fall asleep - ToptenPizza

6 Put On a Sleeping Mask

It works because you can't open your eyes - ToptenPizza

7 Listen to a Lullaby

You can find some really good ones on YouTube. - ToptenPizza

8 Drink Warm Milk

It's a classic for a reason - ToptenPizza

9 Listen to Music
10 Study

My special education teacher in resource (aka special ed study hall! ) does not want me asleep in class in face she is very violent and aggressive

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11 Cuddle Blanket/Stuffed Animal

Baby blankets are the most common types of blankets that people usually cuddle with to help them sleep.

It helps

12 Drink Chamomile Tea
13 Watch TV

Sounds stupid, but having the T.V. on low puts me to sleep - ryanrimmel

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