Top Ten Things to Do to Help Fall Asleep

I should probably be sleeping now, oh well. I'll just follow my own advice.

The Top Ten

1 Read a Book

Particularly something easy but educational, or mindless and lighthearted. Like Diary Of A Wimpy Kid, which I would never read if I was awake and sane... - keycha1n

I usually daydream about my Pokemon journey with my eyes open. I keep daydreaming and sometime without realizing I fall asleep. - Animefan12

Reading relaxes your mind and body, and makes your eyes droopy. Perfect for sleep - ToptenPizza

Boring books works

2 Exercise

Exercise releases awake-hormones! Even as a 3rd grader, people gave me this advice and trust me, it doesn't work! If anything, you'll find it even harder to sleep! - keycha1n

Perfect to get yourself tired - ToptenPizza

3 Take Melatonin

There is a 99% chance I misspelled that, and the percentage goes before the number, but it is a natural way to go to sleep without weird side affects - ToptenPizza

It... Kinda works? It just gives me really vivid, colorful dreams. Not quite sure if I actually sleep faster though. Maybe I'm not taking enough... - keycha1n

I knew it wasn't a coincidence I had weird, vivid dreams whenever I take it. I thought it was because I was loosing it. - ToptenPizza

Melatonin literally did nothing for me except give me strange dreams - ryanrimmel

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4 Listen to Subliminal Messages

This is sort of a joke but ok - ToptenPizza

5 Think of a Landscape

Counting sheep is actually pointless. It is too boring to focus on. What works for me is I think of a landscape, such as city, or beach, and eventually I just fall asleep - ToptenPizza

6 Put On a Sleeping Mask

It works because you can't open your eyes - ToptenPizza

7 Listen to a Lullaby

You can find some really good ones on YouTube. - ToptenPizza

8 Drink Warm Milk

It's a classic for a reason - ToptenPizza

9 Listen to Music
10 Drink Chamomile Tea

The Contenders

11 Watch TV

Sounds stupid, but having the T.V. on low puts me to sleep - ryanrimmel

12 Study
13 Cuddle Blanket/Stuffed Animal

It helps

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