Top Ten Things to Do If Someone is Copying You


The Top Ten

1 Stay silent
2 Speak another language

Haha yes

3 Ignore them
4 Do something very difficult to understand

I just say are you Cinderblaze or Heatherblaze? Because Heatherblaze is weird, but not as weird as Jayfeather x Stick, because he only liked it because it was connected to the ancients...
And so on - CloudyDaze

5 Punch them
6 Walk away
7 Phone someone
8 Read a book
9 Sing
10 Jump off a bridge

The Contenders

11 Talk to them
12 Hit them with a pineapple
13 Run in front of traffic
14 Copy them back

So... who are we copying? Do we just sit there waiting for the other person to do something so that we could copy that person? Hmm... - Misfire

15 Say, "I'm a dumb***"
16 Murder them
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