Top Ten Things to Do If You Could Time Travel to the 1930s

Wow! You really are travelling. Good for you, get a cookie. Now you are in the 1930s apparently while you are there try and change some things for the better.

The Top Ten

1 Kill Hitler

Actually, this would be a bad thing. Yes, Hitler was the worst dictator that came out of the 20th century, but you can't alter history. If you killed him, the world as we know it would be DRASTICALLY different. So, let history play out. - Metalhead1997

2 Meet Winston Churchill
3 Meet Gandhi
4 Meet FDR
5 Watch the Wizard of Oz in theatres

Well, the Great Depression is going on so people are flocking to the movies to cheer themselves up by forgetting about their troubles. - JoeBoi

6 Watch Gone with the Wind in theatres
7 Help the Chinese Nationalists in the Chinese Civil War
8 Fight Francisco Franco in the Spanish Civil War
9 Buy a first edition Grapes of Wrath
10 Kill Benito Mussolini

Again, a bad idea. - Metalhead1997

The Contenders

11 Watch a Shirley Temple movie in theatres
12 Go on the Hindenburg

Well, if you did, then you would have to prevent the disaster from happening. - JoeBoi

13 Watch the first Looney Tunes cartoon
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