Top Ten Things to Do If You Could Time Travel to the 1960s

This is a continuation of my recent series of lists I have been making recently, for the top ten users who are also amateur or even professional time travelers. This one is for the 1960s.

The Top Ten

1 Stop JFK's assassination

Wouldn't work, Stephen King's best selling book and the new T.V. miniseries "11-22-63" prove that even with time travel you should not even try.

2 Meet John F. Kennedy
3 Prevent the Bay of Pigs invasion
4 Hitch a ride on Apollo 11

Or just watch it Live on T.V., humanity's greatest technological achievement of all time.

5 Meet Lyndon Baines Johnson
6 Prevent the Vietnam War

Nope, you would need to go back the 50's or even late 40's for that.

At least I would stop the U.S. involvement... - DieGedankenSindFrei

7 Prevent the Cuban Missile Crisis
8 Watch 2001: A Space Odyssey in theatres
9 See the Beatles live
10 Go to Woodstock!

Best answer!

The Contenders

11 Prevent the Hippy Movement

What...? Aww absolutely not. I've been thinking...I'd definitely be a hippy. - Britgirl

I should have added this - Ace_of_spades

12 See MLK's I Have a Dream speech
13 Stop MLK Jr's Assassination
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