Top Ten Things to Do If You Could Time Travel to the 1970s

I'm not going to ask why you are in the 70s, but assuming you have seen this list, you will be able to prevent mistakes of the 70s and future decades. This is a list of things to do if you have somehow been magically or scientifically been transported to the 70s.

The Top Ten

1 See Star Wars In Theatres

For fun, call it by the name that it is known as now: "A New Hope."

When people look at you funny, point out to them, that in the opening credits it is called "A New Hope." - clusium

I would be a regular at the cinema... - DieGedankenSindFrei

2 Prevent the Three Mile Island Disaster
3 Meet Richard Nixon
4 See the Soviet-Afghan War
5 Save Gerald Ford from Being Shot

He wasn't shot.

6 Prevent Disco from Happening

Ironically, the vast majority of "pop" today is just disco by another name.
All EDM, all Trance, a lot of Hip-Hop, and around 80-percent of Pop are just Disco, but with more explicit lyrics than in the 70's.

7 Have Disco Flourish
8 Celebrate America's Bicentennial
9 Become college buddies with Bill Gates and Steve Jobs
10 Stop the Kent State Shootings

The Newcomers

? Ride the Carousel that Was Outside Circus Circus in Las Vegas
? Visit Palisades Amusement Park in NJ

The Contenders

11 Save Elvis Presley's life

Yeah, and watch him perform at the Las Vegas Hilton LIVE!

12 Kill Ted Bundy
13 Meet Pierre Trudeau
14 Watch the Royal Wedding of Princess Anne & Captain Mark Phillips.
15 Kill Clifford Olson
16 Kill John Wayne Gacy
17 Kill Saul Betesh

Save Emmanuel Jacques from being murdered. - clusium

18 Watch Karol Cardinal Wojtyla be elevated to Pope John Paul II
19 Watch the final time humans walked on the moon
20 See Led Zeppelin Live
21 Bring the Beatles Back Together
22 Go to Every Disco Party in Existence
23 Attend Disney World's Grand Opening
24 See the Twin Towers Under Construction
25 Buy the Microvision Console
26 Play the Oregon Trail Video Game
27 Buy the Magnavox Odyssey
28 Buy the Fairchild Channel F
29 See the Exorcist in Theaters
30 Prevent the Death of Bruce Lee
31 Visit Expo 70 in Japan
32 Watch the First Edition of New Jersey Network
33 Do Research with Genie the Feral Child
34 Buy a Home Version of Atari's Pong
35 Attend the Grand Opening of Six Flags Great Adventure
36 Ride the Flying Dutchman at Dorney Park
37 Visit Hunt’s Pier in Wildwood NJ
38 Ride the Bally Champion Horses at Ocnj
39 Watch Vega$ on TV
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