Top Ten Things to Do If You Have No Guests at Your Birthday Party

i decide to make this list after i watch the music video of the song Pity Party

The Top Ten

1 Scream

I don't even GET birthday parties...

2 Destroy your cake

No one every comes to my party's so I don't even bother with making cake. I don't even cook. I hunt for food - Mewtwo_

3 Make an imaginary guest
4 Be crazy
5 Ruin your toys
6 Listen to the song Pity Party

Good idea

7 Burn your house down
8 Eat your cake
9 Commit suicide


If nobody bothered to come to your birthday party, you might as well. - Jackamalio

10 Ruin your decorations

The Contenders

11 Sleep

Sleep it is - Mewtwo_

12 Eat the whole cake

Nom nom nom nom nom nom

13 Play Video Games

@Solacress-Me too!

That's what I would do - Solacress

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