Top Ten Things to Do If You See a Scary Clown

Around September 2016, reports of clowns lurking around the streets and houses scaring people had begun. Some states in the US, (such as North and South Carolina), have clowns attempting to lure kids into a bush, to do god knows what. Luckily, I haven't faced a clown yet, but what do you do when you see a clown? Take a look at this list for your safety.

The Top Ten Things to Do If You See a Scary Clown

1 Run Away

And jump into a haystack, when they walk by it looking for you kill them and drag their corpse into the hay. - Skullkid755

Oh yeah, this is amazing really, why is this happening? - Martinglez

Run?! I would beat the heck out of them instead!

Run where the bastards cannot get 2 u!

2 Grab Your Weapon

My dad has a riffle in his closet. And In my neighborhood the clowns have already killed 6 people. So whenever a creepy clown knocks at my door, or I see him. I can grab my dad's riffle and shoot him until the bullets run out.

I'll run and gun him into the ocean. - Skullkid755

Yeah! As a weapon for protection.

I need a weapon

3 Call 911

They'll get arrested for "Clowning Around". - Skullkid755

Lol. That's hilarious! - Neonco31

I live in the Carolina's and every 5 seconds there is a kid being lured into a bush. I have called 911 and I got a clown arrested. Thanks for the list Catacorn, its very helpful.

4 Fight It

And then enjoy heaven. - GrapeJuiceK

Kick it until it dies.

If it tries to get near me or fight me, I’m not holding back

5 Act Friendly Towards It

Maybe you should hug it, after all, he has a sign saying free hugs.

And then command it to destroy other clowns. - Skullkid755

6 Kick It in the Nuts

Yeah! Awesome! Dude, I would do this if a clown ever comes near me!

And crack them, that's what clowns deserve. - Skullkid755

What if it's a girl? - ProPanda

AWESOME! - PeeledBanana

7 Stay Indoors

The safest option on the list.

Keep traps around too. - Skullkid755

8 Lock All Windows, Doors, and Vents

Wait but what if he smashes a window - Yoshidude

Again, traps. - Skullkid755

9 Knock Him Out

With a bat. - Skullkid755

10 Set Up a Trap

Bear trap should do the trick. - RogerMcBaloney

I was hoping to see this. - Skullkid755

The Contenders

11 Sick Your Dog on Them

Rumor has it that the colorful parts of the clown taste like birthday cake, so any German shepherd, pit bull, or just a very vicious chihuahua would enjoy chomping down on his arms, legs, etc.

Spelling correction: the action of having your dog attack is spelled "sic", just as the original post had it. Somebody changed it to "sick" which is incorrect.

Unless it's a circus dog. - Skullkid755

12 Say "I Like Trains" Right Next to Him
13 Slice Him Up

Like a ninja on steroids. - Skullkid755

The best thing since sliced clown - GrapeJuiceK

Do your best Toshiro Mifune imitation, and eviscerate the clown.

14 Roundhouse Kick Him

Baby mama

Like Chuck Norris!

In the brain. - Skullkid755

15 Flirt with Him
16 Tickle Him
17 Tickle His Belly Button

The best course of action of course. - RogerMcBaloney

18 Take a Video
19 Give Him Cryptolocker
20 Put Him in a Headlock
21 Act Casual
22 Challenge Him to a One-On-One Wrestling Match
23 Get in His Van for the Free Candy

That's what you do, right? - Sop

24 Flip Him Off
25 Ask If He is Pennywise
26 Spank Him
27 Swear at Him
28 Pepper Spray Her
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