Top 10 Things to Do If You Were a God

The Top Ten Things to Do If You Were a God

1 Create new life
2 Make a new planet

I make my own planet. - Userguy44

3 Make a cartoon world
4 Control the world

How is this not number 1

5 Create a copy of yourself

Should it be an excellent idea.

6 Give yourself powers
7 Help the needy

I was going to add the same, or similar. But how would I know what's best to do? - keyson

Did I have to add this? - AnonymousChick

8 Save the universe
9 Keep it a secret
10 Fight other gods

The Contenders

11 Slave everyone
12 Create a pizza
13 Stop violence

I hate violence. - Userguy44

If I were a god, I would stop violence worldwide, I actually wouldn't have created violence in the first place.

14 Send Justin Bieber to hell
15 Erase evil countries
16 Make a new solar system with a alien race
17 Throw lightning bolts at everyone who makes you mad.

It's a good thing I'm not a god… because I would be the master of this.

Or nuke them if someone disagree with you... *Shadow President the DOS Game logic* - CerealGuy

18 Answer prayers

If I was god, I would answer people's prayers. - nintendofan126

19 Create music
20 Create new universes
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