Top Ten Things to Do If Your Crush Has a Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Worst things that could happen. Also, please don't do this if that happened. This list is just a joke. I know some things are impossible.

The Top Ten

1 Kill Yourself
2 Kill Everyone
3 Eat Poop

Okay... I recently found out my old crush got a girlfriend... so should I eat poop now or something? - Popsicles

4 Drink the Ocean
5 Join the Contest "Miss Poop"
6 Kill His/Her Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Is this fate? Is this stress? Is this YANDERE DURESS?

7 Drink Your Medicine
8 Eat Soap
9 Eat Your Brain
10 Join the Contest "Most Broken Hearted Girl/Boy in the World"

The Contenders

11 You somehow end up with them and have their ex call you a stealing slut
12 Cut your hair
13 Scream "Deez Nuts" at them
14 Move on
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