Best Things to Do In Jakarta, Indonesia

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1 See the Mechanical Clock in Senayan Mall
2 Visit Monas (National Monument)

Indonesia's national monument has a small museum inside of it showcasing the country's history.

3 Go to Dunia Fantasi

This amusement park translated "Fantasy World" is a hot mess... complete with creepy men in costumes. Picture Disney World. Just...a lot scarier.

4 Go to Sea World
5 Watch a Monkey Show

A trained monkey will dance and do tricks for bananas. Quite entertaining.

6 Try Kopi Luwak

Expensive coffee made from the beans which have entered and exited the digestive tract of an elegant creature called the luwak. Poop coffee at its finest.

7 Karaoke

An experience all its own... rooms can be rented for small or large groups to sing in. You can purchase snacks and drinks. And enjoy songs in English, Indonesian, or Mandarin.

8 Eat Martabak V 1 Comment
9 Try Durian

A very stinky fruit loved by many here.

10 Visit the Many Malls

So many to choose from. Go ice-skating in Taman Anggrek, pick up a bubble tea at Pondok Indah Mall, play roller hockey at the Sports Mall, watch a cheap movie at Mal Ciputra.

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