Top Ten Best Things to Do On the Last Day of School


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1 Beat someone up

There are going to b like ten fights on the last day of school and it's days away! I'm going to go watch!

Might as well - bobbythebrony

Oh Hell No!

Sure... - NikoX

2 Rap
3 Kiss someone

Or tell you're crush you like them, I'm planning to tell him that I like him.

Hell no I'm not gonna do that well it would be nice

It'll make the school headlines the next year - micahisthebest

I'll do that to my crush 😊 - Stevenpenguin

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4 Embarrass someone
5 Curse someone out

Most likely the principal - bobbythebrony

My worst enemy.

6 Tell everyone how you really feel about them

Sure! - NikoX

7 "Accidentally" pour hot coffee on the popular girls

I never thought about that... Imma do it!

8 Poop on the teacher's desk

Can't stop laughing

This made me laugh. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Ooh, a reference.

Lol no - NikoX

9 Get suspended

Just because its Summer vacation doesn't mean a thing. If you get suspended they count it on to the new year, so you're gonna feel real sorry missing the first day of school. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

10 Break a bunch of rules

I'm going to

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11 Not go

I'll probably miss the last week + 2 days this year. - Elina

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12 Start twerking
13 Reenact The "Summer" Scene From High School Musical 2

What happens? I've never seen high school musical

14 Dump someone
15 Scream "FREEDOM!!!!!"

Yes but outside of school

My best friend did that!

16 Play your favorite song from a video game a minute before the final bell
17 Scream "F*** School!"

My classmate did that once and my friend Albin Went WHAAP Across the room (He Punched My Classmate Across the room) - TundraTopTenners

18 Play video games
19 Walk home with freedom
20 Shoot the school up

I only chose this to see what percentage of you voted for this

I'm an emo imma do that

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