Top Ten Best Things to Do On the Last Day of School


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1 Beat someone up

If you want suspension

That is one of the worst things about school..
I mean school was easier than going out to the real world.
But bullying is the worst.


HEll yas

2 Rap

I'm doing that on my senior year to make a diss about the school, that how awful and stupid the school is.

3 Tell everyone how you really feel about them

True mrs smith boo

When I finish year 12, at the very end of the last day of school, I am going to visit on of the teachers at my school and tell her how much I hate her, what a bitch she is, and how everyone wants her to kill herself

4 Kiss someone

Kiss him its your last chance

You'll never see them until next year, go for it!

I am going to dare my friend


5 Embarrass someone

I'm gonna do this

Do you ever just wanna day something to someone dorky like nobody cares about your stupid novel about leather desk chairs? Just say it. Then you won’t spend the summer upset because you held back on those words. That is what I’m doing!

6 "Accidentally" pour hot coffee on the popular girls

I never thought about that... Imma do it!

7 Curse someone out

Most likely the principal - bobbythebrony

My worst enemy.

8 Get suspended

Did it already doing it again

Hell yeah imma do this

I'll do it

Just because its Summer vacation doesn't mean a thing. If you get suspended they count it on to the new year, so you're gonna feel real sorry missing the first day of school. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

9 Poop on the teacher's desk

What I'm actually considering this.

In preschool I did this

Can't stop laughing

Ooh, a reference.

10 Break a bunch of rules

What they gonna do on the last day, everyone wants the summer

It's Hella fun

I'm going to

The Contenders

11 Shoot the school up



I only chose this to see what percentage of you voted for this

I'm an emo imma do that

12 Start twerking

Does Ninja twerk - Extractinator04

13 Not go

I'll probably miss the last week + 2 days this year. - Elina


14 Scream "FREEDOM!!!!!"

I am already going to do this I made people sign a Petition it will be fun

! It would be so cool if you could get the whole class to do it, maybe like, 2 minutes before the bell rings, lol

Oml I do that every single year. It's funny, and since I ride the bus I run to my house yelling and flapping my arms. I'm basically known for that now

Yes but outside of school

15 Dump someone

Its summerr

16 Reenact The "Summer" Scene From High School Musical 2

What happens? I've never seen high school musical

17 Be stupid in the bathroom and make a big mess
18 Tell your crush you like them and want to go out

Yes mann

19 Break dress code

So doing this with my friends

This is what my school's gonna do. - Luckys

20 Make out in the office

Well, the office people hate me so that's not an option

21 Set the fire alarm off

I did that a hundred times

Hell yeah

22 Scream "F*** School!"

My classmate did that once and my friend Albin Went WHAAP Across the room (He Punched My Classmate Across the room) - TundraTopTenners

23 Play video games
24 Listen to Justin Bieber

Yes Justin Biebs for the win

25 Scream "I hate my teacher" really loud on the teachers desk
26 Bring a speaker & blast some music before you leave
27 Hang out with friends
28 Play your favorite song from a video game a minute before the final bell
29 Jump on a desk and start twerking

I'm 100% gonna do this

30 Leave school


31 Do a big prank/joke

Yasss queen

32 Do a fortnite dance on the teacher's desk


33 Put your short friend in a sink and see if they fit
34 Corn dog your principal
35 Flip the bird at your teachers
36 Walk home with freedom
37 Tell your best friend's darkest secret
38 Start a burning fire of where all students throw their binders, papers, old assignments, etc.

Also, do it outside the school.

Nah, just a paperball fight. we used to do that in elementary school on the bus and the bus driver was fine with it. I used to get targeted anyhow and people would stuff paperballs down my shirt to make me look buff.

39 Don't even go to school

Been doing that since 2 grade

Its legit not even fun on the last day
so just stay home and watch netflix

40 Jump off the second floor and survive
41 See if you can fit in the sink

My friend tried it, it was so funny

42 Bang someone

Yesss will do this my boyfriend loves banging in public

That would've been awesome - bobbythebrony

43 Get on your desk and start dancing
44 Tell everyone about someone's crush
45 Tell everyone you hate your deepest most honest feelings about them.
46 Bring eggs to school and throw them everywhere with your friends
47 Do the cup song
48 Dress up like Santa
49 Trip the person you hate walking out of school
50 Say "forget this school" and run away

I mean I live close to my school

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