Top Ten Best Things to Do On the Last Day of School


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1 Beat someone up

There are going to b like ten fights on the last day of school and it's days away! I'm going to go watch!

Might as well - bobbythebrony

Oh Hell No!

Sure... - NikoX

2 Rap
3 Kiss someone

Or tell you're crush you like them, I'm planning to tell him that I like him.

Hell no I'm not gonna do that well it would be nice

It'll make the school headlines the next year - micahisthebest

I'll do that to my crush 😊 - Stevenpenguin

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4 Embarrass someone
5 Tell everyone how you really feel about them

Sure! - NikoX

When I finish year 12, at the very end of the last day of school, I am going to visit on of the teachers at my school and tell her how much I hate her, what a bitch she is, and how everyone wants her to kill herself

6 Curse someone out

Most likely the principal - bobbythebrony

My worst enemy.

7 "Accidentally" pour hot coffee on the popular girls

I never thought about that... Imma do it!

8 Poop on the teacher's desk

Can't stop laughing

This made me laugh. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Ooh, a reference.

Lol no - NikoX

9 Get suspended

Just because its Summer vacation doesn't mean a thing. If you get suspended they count it on to the new year, so you're gonna feel real sorry missing the first day of school. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

10 Break a bunch of rules

I'm going to

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11 Not go

I'll probably miss the last week + 2 days this year. - Elina

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12 Start twerking
13 Dump someone
14 Reenact The "Summer" Scene From High School Musical 2

What happens? I've never seen high school musical

15 Scream "FREEDOM!!!!!"

Yes but outside of school

My best friend did that!

Oml I do that every single year. It's funny, and since I ride the bus I run to my house yelling and flapping my arms. I'm basically known for that now

16 Play your favorite song from a video game a minute before the final bell
17 Scream "F*** School!"

My classmate did that once and my friend Albin Went WHAAP Across the room (He Punched My Classmate Across the room) - TundraTopTenners

18 Play video games
19 Walk home with freedom
20 Shoot the school up

I only chose this to see what percentage of you voted for this

I'm an emo imma do that

21 Bang someone

That would've been awesome - bobbythebrony

22 Hang out with friends
23 Flip the bird at your teachers
24 Get on your desk and start dancing
25 Tell everyone about someone's crush
26 Tell your crush you like them and want to go out
27 Jump on a desk and start twerking
28 Tell your best friend's darkest secret
29 Leave school
30 Listen to Justin Bieber Listen to Justin Bieber
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