Top Ten Best Things to Do On the Last Day of Summer Vacation

Its 8/12/15 today and for the next day ( if your reading this the day I made this ) I have to go to school ( hell ). I might as well enjoy it before my time ( life ) runs out and have to wait 188 more days til next summer. I hope you enjoy it

The Top Ten

1 Relax
2 Have a Lot of Fun

Yeah that is what I do

3 Pray

I pray that my new teacher will not be mean and is nice to me and will not be cruel to me for the next school year

4 Swim

I think that is a good idea

5 Listen to Music

I actually do this everyday. I sort of think of this as part of my daily routine. - music-is-life

6 Go to TheTopTens
7 Try Not to Think About It
8 Have Faith
9 Try to Hold the Tears Throughout the Day
10 Review Your Summer Homework

I also had to review material for the upcoming semester

I hate it but I will be somewhat prepared for the upcoming year

The Contenders

11 Buy More School Supplies

You'll be prepared for school, and you have lots of extras to use to draw and write at home

12 Go to the Beach

Labor Day last minute vacation

13 Last Minute Vacation
14 School Orientations and Open Houses

You go to school and see what your teacher will be like. If he or she is too scary or mean for you, you can talk to the principal or superintendent so you can switch classrooms

15 Have a Barbecue
16 Get Rid of Your Old Sunscreen

Next summer, you don't need it. Just get new ones.

17 Video Game Marathon

Once school starts I am not allowed to play video games on weekdays. Weekends and holidays only.

18 Movie Marathon
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