Top Ten Best Things to Do In Life

The Top Ten

Hanging With Your Best Friend

People say friends come and go but family is forever. You don't get to choose your family but you and only you pick your friends and that makes friendship something special that family can't equal - maverick88

Great Idea - Stevenpenguin

Sharing Jokes With Friend

If they laugh at your jokes, then that's good!

Practice Sports
Do Service for Your Parents

My parents always wanted me to become an doctor and I will make that come true

I will become a doctor and do service for my parents

Reading Book
Surf Internet
Find your Soulmate
Watch TV
Have Sex

I do this all the time.


Ok that's the weridest thing I ever heard in my entrie life

-_- who put this - Stevenpenguin

The Contenders

Helping People
Play Video Games
Go to the Gym
Go Skydiving
Listen to Music
Watch Movies
Plant Trees
Go Outside
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