Top 10 Things to Do In a Lucid Dream

This is a list pertaining to the favorite activities people do while they Lucid Dream(When you are aware that you are dreaming). There aren't any list about Lucid Dreaming to my knowledge here, so this is the first probably!

The Top Ten

1 Sex

Great for controlling emotions, and simply lots of fun. - RoleplayerR

2 Flight

I've had a few dreams about flying without knowing that I was dreaming, and it was absolutely amazing. I bet being able to control it would be even better. It just never occurred to me to try this when I first started to try to control my dreams. All I did was make out with Slenderman. - LeiaSkywalker

Who wouldn't like to fly to far off places in the warm, breezy air without having to pay any money? - RoleplayerR

I love those dreams of floating a few feet from the ground. I'm so disappointed when I wake up. - Britgirl

3 Revive/speak to the dead

When you lost a loved one, Lucid Dreaming is basically where you speak to them again and talk things over. - RoleplayerR

4 Interacting with dream characters

They are just as complex as real people, if not more. - RoleplayerR

5 Become an animal

A good chance to see and do things from a whole new perspective. - RoleplayerR

6 Deep sea swimming without oxygen

It's a whole new world down there; Let's see what it's like! - RoleplayerR

7 Time travel

For people who've always wanted to see what life was like back then or change history. - RoleplayerR

8 Talk to god

Seek answers and the truth. - RoleplayerR

9 Practice for real-life events

For when you're about to do something big, like an audition or job interview. - RoleplayerR

10 Destroy the world

Why not let out your anger and cope with stress? Unless the Dream World is an actual place... - RoleplayerR

Well, if my Wheel of Time reading has paid off, the World of Dreams is a real world, but can be manipulated in any way but will return to its original state when you leave. Then again this is a fictional book series, but it seems like that could be applicable to real life. - Merilille

The Contenders

11 Talk to your crush
12 Destroy your family

If yuo hate them I guess - snackaberg

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