Best Things to Do in Manhattan

The Top Ten
1 Watch a Broadway Musical

Only if it was cheaper

Such a fun experience!

2 View and Go to the Statue of Liberty
3 Go to Central Park
4 Eat Brooklyn Pizza
5 Visit the National September 11 Memorial & Museum
6 Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art
7 Eat at the L'Entrecote Restaurant
8 Eat at Gray's Papaya
9 Walk around Times Square
10 Visit Rockefeller Center

I love the Nintendo store

The Contenders
11 Take a tour
12 Go on a Dinner Cruise
13 NBC Studio Tour
14 Watch a TV Show Taping at NBC
15 Take Pictures and Videos
16 Collect Brochures
17 Watch the Ball Drop
18 Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting
19 Saks Light Show
20 Visit Ellis Island
21 Ride the Carousel at Central Park
22 Find and Ride All the Bodega Rides
23 Ride Balto at Central Park
24 Enjoy the View
25 Watch the Macy's Parade
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