Top Ten Things to Do to MattyBRaps


The Top Ten

1 Sneak into his home

And troll him

2 Hack into his YouTube account and close it

Matty B. is like a one-kid Kidz Bop. - mayamanga

We need an expert hacker to get into his YouTube account. - Catacorn

I would pay for this to happen - TwilightKitsune

3 Delete all his videos
4 Send him a letter telling him he sucks

I have done this once, it was a dare from my friend. I wrote "Dear MattyB, its time to stop." never got a reply back though, haha. - Catacorn

LOL yes - TwilightKitsune

5 Annoy him so much his brain explodes
6 Steal his money
7 Telling him he looks stupid in his oversized baseball caps
8 Spread rumors to everyone about him
9 Make him lose his subscribers

He has subscribers? - PeachyBlast

10 Stick him in a room with Jacob Sartorius

2 of the most awful singers in a room together. 10 seconds later, they'll release a horrible song. - Catacorn

The Contenders

11 Make songs parodies about him telling him why he sucks

Yes. This is revenge for what he did as his Counting Stars remix. - TwilightKitsune

12 Make him watch Super Minecraft Kid

And make his ears bleed! - Catacorn

MattyBRaps "I'm so cool right now! "
MattyBRaps "Time to go to YouTube."
SMK "YOU F****** N****** I F****** HATE YOU ALL F******! F***! "
MattyBRaps "I got offended waaa! "
Parents "I cannot believe you watched Super Minecraft Kid! You know that this kid is racist, sexist and offensive! You are grounded for 3 days! "
MattyBRaps "Nooo! I cannot post my new music video! "

13 Kill him

Yes do this

You: I say we kill him!
Me: I say we let him go - Sausagelover99

14 Be a nice person and don't hate on a 14 year old

He,s 15 years old now - Sausagelover99

yeah - Sausagelover99

15 Ignore him
16 Put him in a room with Jojo Siwa
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