Top 10 Things to Do to Michael Bay for Messing Up the Gemcloben and Puga Movie

The Top Ten

Bore him with 100 hour of explosion made by him

Especially in sex scene? - Delgia2k

Post stupid question comments with caps lock on at front of his face
Send the cupcake licking platypus to lick his favorite cupcake

That evil, deceiving, egotistical platypus! - PositronWildhawk

Send Delgia2k to his house to cover his house with cat litter

Sadly, SuperHyperdude took my cat litter (cries) - Delgia2k

Put an angry guy who is disappointed with the Gemcloben and Puga the Movie disaster in his bath tub
Call the Spooky Loomynarty to spook him
Send Seaman to annoy him with his (Seaman) hypocritical smart and sarcastic quotes to his face
Call the dog to poop his lawn
Send the Ginger Root Lord to put his ginger root juice to his relaxing and favorite coffee

Praise Lord Almighty SuperHyperdude! - Delgia2k

Squash his car with a giant rubber duck
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