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181 Visit the Far Lands

It's cool but I think in newest version garlands does not exist.

I'm sorry but, what is the far lands?

I think this is AMAZING

AWESOME! But since there's no Farlands in the new edition, you'll have to use mods, maps, or just build it yourself. It's awesome when you have the "FARLANDER" skin, and ride horses there, and you can feel like you're in Minecraft Story Mode, and you can even use a Jesse skin and make a pig sit behind you. (REUBEN! WHY?! T.T) Anyway, there was a person who asked what the Farlands are, well, they're at the edge of the world, where when you feel like dying, you stumble upon them, and think that it's the doorway to... ADVENTURE! (IVOR) And then, you travel through the holes, finding awesomeness beyond comprehension.

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182 Make a Huge Parkour Map
183 Build a Bomb Shelter

Me and my cousins always do this together!

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184 Play on Hypixel

It's fun, but the admin almost always kicks me when I'm SO CLOSE TO WINNING THE MINIGAME (I think the admin hates me) - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

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185 Make Your Own Village Replica
186 Construct a working trampoline with Command Blocks and invite your friends

This is so fun I tried it and it actually worked considering my redstone skills.

187 Build a maze

It is fun to build mazes! You can make invisible ones, huge ones, underwater ones, and tiny ones!

I've done this before,it was cool I have to find my way out,run from mobs,i created the maze myself and then delete it because too many maps were in my list

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188 Blow a up a hill top!

What happened to the one who thinks this is a good idea so redundant to do this unless it really obstruct your way. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Shut up worst idea - MChkflaguard_Yt

189 Go mining and blow up the mine! V 2 Comments
190 Make a Portal to the Nether

I did this lots of people times but boring but better with nether forts.

I did that already. There's nothing to do. :(

191 Build a Huge Farm
192 Build a House Shaped Like Herobrine

Nope not for me

193 Make a Zoo With Every Mob
194 Make a Puppy Kingdom With Tamed Wolves

You can make a doggy kingdom with a mansion for the dog king/queen. All the other puppies can have houses and go to do their daily shopping at the doggy market. They can sell things like bones, and steak. (Ps if you can get a dog in a minecart you can make a roller coaster and watch them careen around corners at top speed) 😊 Have fun

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195 Grief Servers

Destruction. I love it. Blow up everything. Everything. Fire. GO GREIFERS!

Totally! sounds like fun. To bad most servers don't have lava, water, or TNT. :(

I would quite like to do that in some way or another

Rocket launcher sorry

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196 Crap on stuff V 1 Comment
197 Crap V 4 Comments
198 Build life size football stadium

Takes a long time but it pays off

199 Make a Temple Complex Near Your Castle and Village
200 Kill Squids

We should all hate squids if you are in the sky army. SO DO IT RIGHT NOW!


My turtle ran away...

UGH. Skydoesminecraft is invading everyone's common sense. He has no reason to hate squids, and he's just looking for attention. I hate him.
10-They're passive mobs.
9- They don't even do anything except swim.
8- They're just blue fishes, would you kill blue fishes in real life?
7- Skydoesminecraft just wants attention and that's why he (pretends) to hate squids.
6- Squids are fast swimmers, and (I heard 'bout this, dunno if it's real or not) in some mods you can put saddles on them and ride them (faster and less glitchy than boats).
5- If you use, "They look like derp, and they crowd water! " argument, let's just say, if an animal looked a bit dumb in real life, and they hogged the water, would you kill them?
4- Guys, squids can be a good aestethic option if you build an aqarium or something.
3- Just because you like Sky (I won't judge ya for it) doesn't mean you should do everything he does. (only sheep follow the ...more

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