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181 Make a Huge Parkour Map
182 Build a Bomb Shelter

Me and my cousins always do this together!

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183 Play on Hypixel

It's fun, but the admin almost always kicks me when I'm SO CLOSE TO WINNING THE MINIGAME (I think the admin hates me) - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

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184 Construct a working trampoline with Command Blocks and invite your friends

This is so fun I tried it and it actually worked considering my redstone skills.

185 Build a maze

It is fun to build mazes! You can make invisible ones, huge ones, underwater ones, and tiny ones!

I've done this before,it was cool I have to find my way out,run from mobs,i created the maze myself and then delete it because too many maps were in my list

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186 Blow a up a hill top!

What happened to the one who thinks this is a good idea so redundant to do this unless it really obstruct your way. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Shut up worst idea - MChkflaguard_Yt

187 Go mining and blow up the mine! V 2 Comments
188 Make a Portal to the Nether

I did this lots of people times but boring but better with nether forts.

I did that already. There's nothing to do. :(

189 Build a Huge Farm
190 Build a House Shaped Like Herobrine

Nope not for me

191 Make a Zoo With Every Mob
192 Make a Puppy Kingdom With Tamed Wolves

You can make a doggy kingdom with a mansion for the dog king/queen. All the other puppies can have houses and go to do their daily shopping at the doggy market. They can sell things like bones, and steak. (Ps if you can get a dog in a minecart you can make a roller coaster and watch them careen around corners at top speed) 😊 Have fun

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193 Build life size football stadium

Takes a long time but it pays off

194 Make a Temple Complex Near Your Castle and Village
195 Make a Novel

The book with the feather pen next to it. Available on everything but PE to my knowledge.

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196 Kill Bats

You won't get anything but it is impossible!

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197 Kill the Enderdragon With Only Snowballs

Done it only in creative mode

That would be so hard because of your limit of snowballs

It was so fun but took a really long time to kill

198 Make a Bank and Rob It

Wats the point of robbing it when you're the one who made it

199 Make a Mushroom Farm

Even better, make a mushroom park with a mushroom tower!

200 Build an Obsidian Pool
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