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221 Make Something Underground and Give It a Ton of Secret Rooms
222 Make a Pet Shop

I don't it and it's fun for me

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223 Butter Parkour with SkyDoesMinecraft

Best idea if only I could find him ;-;

Tell Noobs that gold ingots are butter and when they try to eat it they will fail. :0!

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224 Trap Villagers In a Creepers B Gone Trap
225 Build a Giant Portrait of Yourself

You should do that and live in the middle. Ha ha

226 Stacking Houses Together
227 Make a Butter Block then Worship It

Make a statue of tons of butter blocks

228 Make the Wither and Ender Dragon Have a Fight-to-the-death-match V 2 Comments
229 Make a Big Block Fill It With Lava Get Your Friend Near It Make a Hole and Watch

I think its funny watching my friend die and lose their stuff so I can collect it... Did it once
And I DID NOT know HOW MANY diamonds she had

230 Make a TNT Cannon

I read about it in a handbook once

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231 Make an Automatic Farm V 1 Comment
232 Dig an enormous cave under your arch enemies fortress, fill the cave with a ton of TNT, and then blow up their entire fortress.

This list is going to go on forever I started yesterday and I'm already bored.

Sounds cool but I don't really have any archenemies.

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233 Build a Life Size Tree House and an Epic Garden to Go With It

I did all the stuff that sounded fun to me, and now, this is my favorite thing to now build!

You can create your dream tree house and your own back garden you could never get bored

I did this but not life size, I made everything BIG and I felt so tiny, took FOREVER

I saw a video on how to build an awesome treehouse.

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234 Dig Down to Bedrock

You can get back up with all the things you have collected.

Its pretty boring. what if your in survival. You can't get back up!

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235 Make a Giant Statue of Your Skin

Pixel by pixel would be hard my skin has complicated things.

236 Flood Your Whole World

My friend chased me and placed a whole bunch of water buckets. In the end, I just decided to leave it the way it was. I couldn't be bothered to fix it.

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237 Make a Rocket and Than Blow Up In It
238 Build a Giant Statue of Steve With Cobblestone Walls Around It, Build a River, Make a Tube to the Mouth and Put Water In It, Get As Many Cows In It As Possible, Proceed to Worship Your New Water God, Kill the Cows and Become the Only Survivor After War

I tried it and it is the most fun thing ever. My only regret is that I didn't build a stadium and take prisoners to battle mobs

I'll try that one day but not worship it

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239 Drink the Poison Postion

I've done it before on survival mode and I made weird noises...

Or die some other way. Why is everyone putting ways to die.

To make it worse eat a puffer fish on survival

240 Make an Amazing Cloning Machine V 1 Comment
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