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241 Build a Working Clock
242 Dye All the Sheep

You ever seen a pink sheep, that's natural, not dyed wool, I have! I own 40 of them, really rare 1to 80 chance, there will be a village near by them, a pack of wolf's, and a herd of horses.

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243 Demolish a City or a Map

I did that with TNT! It really made the destroying quicker

It'z so much fun looking at a huge map get absoulutely demolished

244 Make a Super Flat Preset Where the Top Layer Is Signs, Break One, and Crash Your Game. V 2 Comments
245 Make a New Server

Good idea I am planning to make one with a lot of minigames,a city,a prison server and shop system. - MChkflaguard_Yt

246 Make Replicas of Mobs V 2 Comments
247 Ender Fight
248 Ender Pet
249 Make a Super Huge Tower On the Moon Using Galactic Craft
250 Make Giant Structures That Look Like Blocks
251 Collect Rotten Flesh

All you do is kill zombies. That's all there is to it

There's nothing else to do with it

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252 Steal Other People's Items

I tried it, it's fun but get killed all the time

253 Kill Your Friend

My cousin did that to my younger sister and she was upset

254 Get a Pet Ocelot

It's very rare and very hard to tame, but once you have one you are safe from creepers - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

Love them. Be sure to grab one when you can.

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255 Build a City In the Sky
256 Play the Dropper V 1 Comment
257 Hollow Out a Mountain and Live In It

I did that, only problem was that in the beginning I forgot to place more torches so mobs kept spawning, stupid creeper.

I Did this Once And My Friend Tried To Dig Down From The Top Of It And He Fell To His Death. I Laughed SO HARD!

258 Play Mineplex

What's mineplex, I'm an Xbox and PE gamer so...

Cheat on mineplex. It's really easy

Mineplex has pe version now and is really good - MChkflaguard_Yt

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259 Play Super Smash Mobs V 1 Comment
260 Clear out a jungle and live in the area it used to be in

Because Tons Of Ocelots Spawn Your House Becomes Creeper-Proof! :D

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