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261 Play Super Smash Mobs V 1 Comment
262 Clear out a jungle and live in the area it used to be in

Because Tons Of Ocelots Spawn Your House Becomes Creeper-Proof! :D

263 Super Smash Mobs
264 Build a massive version of your room

That's going to be hard. My room is really messy

265 Grief a Village for the Heck of It

I did it before and it was awesome!
Kai stole a villagers home before!

V 1 Comment
266 Build a Community Center With Friends

You can play with your friends together

267 Make a World O Fun With Command Blocks to TP to Other Areas

You can get friends on to build and play games

268 Build a Restaurant

I did that and my sisters did that. One was "Kentucky Fried Chicken," or KFC

269 Build an Empire That Is Connected by a Minecart System
270 Build a Panic Room

This would be a room made of bedrock with a pig spawner for food. Command for spanner is /give (your username here) 52 1

271 101

Make a house, add villagers seal the door. Behold a torture chamber

V 2 Comments
272 Make a Torture Chamber

Cool I'm gonna do it with baby villagers they are so annoying.

V 2 Comments
273 Build an underground bunker with TNT and light it
274 Skydive

I've done that once with slime blocks on the bottom

V 1 Comment
275 Mountain Climb
276 Build a mansion.
277 Make a snowball fight arena
278 Build Connect Four
279 Make Pixel Art
280 Copy Stampy and Squid V 1 Comment
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