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281 Build a Community Center With Friends

You can play with your friends together

282 Make a World O Fun With Command Blocks to TP to Other Areas

You can get friends on to build and play games

283 Build an Empire That Is Connected by a Minecart System
284 Build a Panic Room

This would be a room made of bedrock with a pig spawner for food. Command for spanner is /give (your username here) 52 1

285 101

Make a house, add villagers seal the door. Behold a torture chamber

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286 Make a Torture Chamber

Cool I'm gonna do it with baby villagers they are so annoying.

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287 Build an underground bunker with TNT and light it
288 Skydive

I've done that once with slime blocks on the bottom

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289 Mountain Climb
290 Build a mansion.
291 Make a snowball fight arena
292 Build Connect Four
293 Make Pixel Art
294 Copy Stampy and Squid V 1 Comment
295 Demolish a Whole Public Server or Part of It Secretly and Blame Someone Else

Now that's, what I call a good idea!

296 Play mini games
297 Sleep In the Nether

It was my first time and my brother tried to warn me an I was like, "dude, it's pe it probably won't happen" and then I tried to sleep and then the bed blew up letting lava fall down, that girl was on fire! Literally.

Beds do not react well to the nether. You've been warned.

If you try, your bed will explode!

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298 Create a Zombie Apocalypse

Yum Yum villagers, but oh NO! They are after me! Aah! Bye me. I died!

I do that on creative on a flat world and made 3 houses for 50 Villagers to shelter in but at last... 0 villagers survived! They opened the door in the morning before the Zombies finished burning lololol - MChkflaguard_Yt


I used a village seed and I spawn huge waves of Zombies on Villagers so funneey - MChkflaguard_Yt

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299 Build a Roller Coaster That Goes Through All 4 Biomes

I made this but with domes its really cool when you ride it

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300 Make a Noob Trap But Get Caught In It
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