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301 Replicate an Amusment Park

Or you could remake a famous roller coaster

302 Make a Tree House

This is great, I did this at the top of a jungle tree and I didn't see a single mob, plus I had a great view. Great for a hide away escape.

I made this huge tree house, but since that world- specifically that world- always crashed the game, I had to delete it:-(

It's cool to hide from your friends and fun to have on survival

303 Make your Own Minigame and Release it to the Public

I do made one you must tap-kill others with a sharpness 100 slimeball in a maze filled with villagers and traps. So much fun - MChkflaguard_Yt

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304 Egg your Friend's house
305 Breed cows in a small place and kill them all

Diff it's for food it's fine, but if it's just for the pure fun of it, then no...

I want beef. I'll use flint and steel

306 Make a zoo in your friend's house and break it

I did this once, it was fun... Till my friend found out...

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307 Chuck an Egg V 1 Comment
308 Install Shaders Mod
309 Build Your Whole Hometown V 2 Comments
310 Snap the disc in half V 3 Comments
311 Install Mods and have fun
312 Take a House From A Village And Play The Game of Life
313 Place a dirt block

Your always gonna have to do it anyway

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314 Try to make a sun
315 Make an End Portal In the Nether

That would be a little anticlimactic...

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316 Go Mining V 2 Comments
317 Do Temple Run Without Jumping V 2 Comments
318 Make a Shopko V 1 Comment
319 Spawn a Bunch Animals and Kill Them!
320 Play TNT Run and Run Around In Circles V 1 Comment
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