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321 Put a Cat In the Aether
322 Put a Cat In the Nether
323 Put a Dog In the Nether V 1 Comment
324 Put a Cat In the End V 1 Comment
325 Put a Dog In the End V 1 Comment
326 Put a Dog and Cat In All Realms

God your cruel you must be insane

327 Spawn As Many Mobs As You Can Think of In the Nether (Creative Mode)
328 Play UltraHardcore

Always funny and its really for People who want a challenges

You have no regeneration and have to think of an strategy.
Really Intense

329 Build at least one famous landmark from each country

Find an animal with a sopawn egg, obsess over it. Get skins of that animal

330 Find Emerald Ore

I can't find any compared to my cousin...

V 1 Comment
331 Griefing Your Friend's House
332 Build a House Out of Nether Rack Then Set On Fire
333 Build a square of TNT (Not hollow) and set fire to it, with you on the top! V 1 Comment
334 Build a pig where every block is made up of 6 blocks V 1 Comment
335 Build a Fancy Princess Palace
336 Play With Friends
337 Build a Tower

Come on I built one you need to build it

Trying to do it still but can't wait till it is finished. :-D
I mean I have built a small one that's good though.

338 Build a Tower With Alot of Rooms and Build a Town
339 Build a Redstone House
340 Build a massive hotel/house

I made it on mine craft comes alive and I filled up most of the rooms and like 3 or1 left!?!?!?

I built a lot of hotels, their names are WDex Hotel by Dex Nelson.

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