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321 Build the Burj Khalifa
322 Kill a Sky Fantard With a Squid Disguise
323 Kill a Team of 2 In Hunger Games

I did that and one of them had an iron sword one of them had an iron axe I killed them both with a stone sword - whodafuqisthisguy

I killed a team of THREE in hunger games (but of course, with the help of one of my team) - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

324 Craft a diamond sword, find someone that is stacked, and then jump in to lava

I did that and nobody had a diamond sword in Deathmatch - whodafuqisthisguy

325 Create a house with a bedroom, bathroom, etc.!

I'm doing it in my own world. It's really fun, although it requires a lot of materials!

326 Unleash the Grim Reaper V 1 Comment
327 Have a Friend vs Friend Match On a Minigame Server
328 Try to Copy a Popular Song Out of Noteblocks
329 Try to Build a Minigame
330 Make the "Minecraft Olympics", Play It With Your Friends Then Get Really Mad Because You Didn't Win

Don't forget to blow your friends up in your rage

331 Get a Pack of Wolfs to Turn Hostile On You In Survival V 1 Comment
332 PVP With Yourself

I used a diamond sword it's fun

333 Put a Cat In the Aether
334 Put a Cat In the Nether
335 Put a Dog In the Nether V 1 Comment
336 Put a Cat In the End V 1 Comment
337 Put a Dog In the End V 1 Comment
338 Put a Dog and Cat In All Realms

God your cruel you must be insane

339 Spawn As Many Mobs As You Can Think of In the Nether (Creative Mode)
340 Play UltraHardcore

Always funny and its really for People who want a challenges

You have no regeneration and have to think of an strategy.
Really Intense

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