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401 Build a Castle With a Kingdom Around It

This will be really fun for you to do, it looks amazing when you have finished.The castle could be for anything like a witch or something?(i don't know)

402 Create a danger zone

Such an adrenalin rush when you have to find a way through a zombie, enderman, wolf etc. infested forest!

403 Farm

Make your own farm it's really good

404 Build the House You Live In

It would be really cool

405 Make a Zoo Using Spawn Eggs V 3 Comments
406 Grief Servers

Destruction. I love it. Blow up everything. Everything. Fire. GO GREIFERS!

Totally! sounds like fun. To bad most servers don't have lava, water, or TNT. :(

I would quite like to do that in some way or another

Rocket launcher sorry

V 7 Comments
407 Ride a Pig, While Trying to Kill the Wither Boss V 2 Comments
408 Kill Squids

We should all hate squids if you are in the sky army. SO DO IT RIGHT NOW!


V 2 Comments
409 Crap V 4 Comments
410 Ban Yourself
411 Make a 1x1 Hole

Took me forever, but it was worth it.

The most fun thing I have ever done

V 3 Comments
412 Crap on stuff V 1 Comment
413 Kill Everyone On Your Server and Grief It and Do Not Kill Yourself

I LOVE watching them all die. And to make someone mad before you do it kill them with a sword or something take their stuff and after you grief...leave, delete the server, and have the person you killed upset because he'll never get his stuff back. I did that once!

It's fun and funny to see them die. - tig13

V 2 Comments
414 Dig Straight Down

This is #1 thing NOT to do in Minecraft. Do it in Survival, fall in lava. Do it in creative, accidentally break the bedrock & fall into the void.

So much fun... Till I fell into lava (lost everything)

Who ever made this is a boring person. Trust me.

Finally the list is over

V 3 Comments
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