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401 Make a Huge Shopping Mall
402 Build a Life Size You
403 Football Pitch
404 Make a 100x100 Floating Island Out of Dirt and Stone

This sounds like a sweet place to build your empire

405 Tell Your Friends to Make a TNT Cannon and Back-Fire It In Survival

That sounds AWESOME but he/she would but ticked

406 Keep a Pig and Name It and Give It a Wife
407 Make a Statue of Dora V 2 Comments
408 Pick Your Scabs

My cousin asked me if I've ever done that... and honestly, he truly is the weirdest cousin I have... annoys me like an older brother.

409 Figure Out Glitches On Your Own
410 Build a Pit Then Throw a Bunch of Mobs In and See How Long You Can Survive
411 Play Some Mini-Games

There are tons of Mini Games in servers, maybe you should try some? - danielwotsits

412 Construct a medieval village
413 Build a Castle With a Kingdom Around It

This will be really fun for you to do, it looks amazing when you have finished.The castle could be for anything like a witch or something?(i don't know)

414 Create a danger zone

Such an adrenalin rush when you have to find a way through a zombie, enderman, wolf etc. infested forest!

415 Farm

Make your own farm it's really good

416 Build the House You Live In

It would be really cool

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