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401 Build a Pit Then Throw a Bunch of Mobs In and See How Long You Can Survive
402 Play Some Mini-Games

There are tons of Mini Games in servers, maybe you should try some? - danielwotsits

403 Construct a medieval village
404 Build a Castle With a Kingdom Around It

This will be really fun for you to do, it looks amazing when you have finished.The castle could be for anything like a witch or something?(i don't know)

405 Create a danger zone

Such an adrenalin rush when you have to find a way through a zombie, enderman, wolf etc. infested forest!

406 Farm

Make your own farm it's really good

407 Build the House You Live In

It would be really cool

408 Kill Squids

We should all hate squids if you are in the sky army. SO DO IT RIGHT NOW!


My turtle ran away...

UGH. Skydoesminecraft is invading everyone's common sense. He has no reason to hate squids, and he's just looking for attention. I hate him.
10-They're passive mobs.
9- They don't even do anything except swim.
8- They're just blue fishes, would you kill blue fishes in real life?
7- Skydoesminecraft just wants attention and that's why he (pretends) to hate squids.
6- Squids are fast swimmers, and (I heard 'bout this, dunno if it's real or not) in some mods you can put saddles on them and ride them (faster and less glitchy than boats).
5- If you use, "They look like derp, and they crowd water! " argument, let's just say, if an animal looked a bit dumb in real life, and they hogged the water, would you kill them?
4- Guys, squids can be a good aestethic option if you build an aqarium or something.
3- Just because you like Sky (I won't judge ya for it) doesn't mean you should do everything he does. (only sheep follow the ...more

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409 Grief Servers

Destruction. I love it. Blow up everything. Everything. Fire. GO GREIFERS!

Totally! sounds like fun. To bad most servers don't have lava, water, or TNT. :(

I would quite like to do that in some way or another

Rocket launcher sorry

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410 Crap V 4 Comments
411 Ban Yourself
412 Make a 1x1 Hole

Took me forever, but it was worth it.

Yes. Best thing ever

The most fun thing I have ever done

Took me a year to complete. I'm proud of it. 😊

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413 Crap on stuff V 1 Comment
414 Kill Everyone On Your Server and Grief It and Do Not Kill Yourself

I LOVE watching them all die. And to make someone mad before you do it kill them with a sword or something take their stuff and after you grief...leave, delete the server, and have the person you killed upset because he'll never get his stuff back. I did that once!

It's fun and funny to see them die. - tig13

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415 Dig Straight Down

This is #1 thing NOT to do in Minecraft. Do it in Survival, fall in lava. Do it in creative, accidentally break the bedrock & fall into the void.

So much fun... Till I fell into lava (lost everything)

Who ever made this is a boring person. Trust me.

Finally the list is over

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