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41 Set a Pig On Fire

Laugh out loud it is hilarious

Respect the pigs dudes, they probably have feelings. JUST KIDDING! KILL THEM WITH FIRE

Flaming pigs are so much better than regular pigs. The same goes for other players... -gets out flint and steel-


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42 Trap Zombies In a Hole and Go Down the Hole and Make the Zombies Eat You

That is so awesome I would smile my ears out and become deaf

I did that when I fell into a Monster Spawner

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43 Make a Statue of Your Dog

I've tried it and it's very fun idea! Thanks for posting this :D thank you so much I love this idea!

I did this once and on the same world there were a lot of COOL things... Then the world got hacked and I had to start all over! :-( Still really good idea.

Or your cat... Or your lizard. Oh, the possibilities!

I don't have a dog

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44 Build an Underground House

Just do it with TNT and call it good that's what I dad and I made a house that was crazy and extraordinary and it has like four floors that is also a gigantic city inside very cool

PE is the best version for doing this

If you want it to look good then don't use tnt

Even though I built one, I still have to make wall and floor colourful but yep, this is the best.

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45 Build a House

It's just in credibly fun!

I build complicated houses

I make original and fancy houses and it's a lot of fun

Yes that is very very important! :3

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46 Make a School

I have done it before really fun took a lot of time but was worth it

I have made a school too on PE. It's really cool!

Players will know everything in real life!

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47 Create Hogwarts and Invite People to Attend

It's fun but it takes a long time. I did it and it was really fun. The more people, the more fun it is. It's easier on the computer but still awesome on the pocket edition. Enjoy!

Sounds ' awesome. I mean, for crying out loud, it's HOGWARTS.

HOGWARTS I LOVE Harry Potter it's the BEST idea to do in pocket edition and if I have time I will make the Hogwarts EXPRESS It will be EPIC

! Hog warts is awesome! I'm so gonna do that. If I have time I'm gonna make Hogsmeade.

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48 Change the Texture

Changing the texture pack makes everything look brand new!
Seriously, they have some epic & FREE texture packs out there.

Try the faithful pack. it's basically default Minecraft with better textures!

I would like to change my texture but I can't buy it...

How do you even get a texture

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49 Use Herobrine Skin

Lol! I did this to my little brother in his world once. This is what I did. First I took a Steve skin and used a skin editor to color his eyes white, then I named myself ' and joined his world, he actually didn't notice me join the world. I drank up and invisibility potion and since his world was in creative, I could fly around. I then took all the leaves off trees and put random redstone torches around his world. My brother eventually found me and actually thought I was Herobrine. He poured a bucket of lava over me and I lagged out. LOL

It's funny to scare, everyone in a server, but not in singleplayer, and fun to scare a noob!

Herobrine skin may be banned on some servers...

A lot of servers banned that though,if I have a server I will ban this skin as inappropriate - MChkflaguard_Yt

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50 Make a Zoo Using Spawn Eggs V 3 Comments
51 Build a statue of yourself

I am so awesome, so why not have a statue to remind me and my buds how awesome I am?

I've done that. But I had to change it whenever I changed my skin :P

And then blow it up for the sake of it

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52 Have 10 or More Dogs and Hit a Zombie V 3 Comments
53 Have the Best Faction On a PVP Server V 1 Comment
54 Build a 10x10 Tower as Tall as it Can be

I did this once and called it sky top hotel
Now I have to build it higher because of anvil laugh out loud... Laugh out loud
- Drmitchell1 4/10/2012 8:25

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55 Make a Stampy and Squid Statue

Squids sky island challenge on YouTube is the best with stampy and L for lee

(Minecraft Xbox - sky island challenge)

I LOVE stampy and squid they RULE

Love Stampy and Squid nugget, awesome YouTubers. Already built them REALLY easy to build.

Great idea!

I Dislike stampy and the other guy

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56 Throw Bacon Everywhere

This has got to be the best idea ever!

Pick it up and eat it, gross that has been on the dirty grass

I love doing dumb things! So this is PERFECT for ME!

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57 Build a Fish Tank

It is easy and fun to experiment. Plus, there is many ways to make one. You can do it at your own expense.

I did this then my friend broke the glass and the water went everywhere

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58 Build a City

Pretty nice when finished and can become part of your server. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Build white pumpkins mansion

I am currently making one I finished the nice ish spawn and a skytrain (I call it Skyline in game through) station called Central Square now I am making the first office tower

should look extremely nice when I finish like 5 years later. - MChkflaguard_Yt

59 Make a Human TNT Launching Cannon

Laugh out loud, there are so many ways to do this! Fall into a pit with water at he bottom, and set a bunch of Dispensers to fire TNT at the exact same time!

I think try different tecture pack is fun I think it is fun exploring them

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60 Build a House Made of Diamond

Saw my cousin do that...
Several stories high with almost all the minerals 'cept iron.

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