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61 Hunt Herobrine

I heard that you can see him on a really foggy day.

I be found herobrine be4 so it's not impossible

He's a fake like Bigfoot, that thing they sow hem… then you got a god imagination

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62 Make a Village Around Your Castle

You can spawn villagers and then burn the town and kill them ALL! What good fun

I like to be a mayor so I made a town in muitplayer in which we can trade drugs lol

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63 Torture Villagers

I built a show called trade or no trade u just see if the trade is good if it's bad u kill him by fire TNT fishing rod anvil or drowning but if it's good you trade with him and wait till the next trade

Push them in lava, stick them in a cage of mobs, poison them. They're annoying anyway.

Not the ones that trade you emeralds and diamonds!

Guys you forgot the point is torture and not kill
anyways I make an annoying machine and push them in - MChkflaguard_Yt

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64 Create Your Local Supermarket

I did this and invited my friends to buy stuff. Took a long time but the work had payed off. I had them pay me in diamonds, gold, and iron.

I built a Sainsbury's in survival once on Xbox, and I invited a bunch of random people, and they bought materials and food and started constructing houses and stuff.

I built a baby clothes shop a while ago with leather armour dyed:^)

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65 Make a Minigame for You and Your Friends to Play

My sister did that and it was a lotta fun!

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66 Kill Yourself

Figure out new various traps to kill you or others

Simplest way to kill yourself (creative mode also working)(but you need turn on cheats) is /kill command

I made a human rocket...Lets just say it did not go well for the test subject

The best thing ta do!

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67 Pixel Art

I love Pixel Art, it does take time to finish, but in the end you will be gazing upon your art and be proud of yourself.

Ever heard of pewdiepie yeah I did a pixel art on him doing a 'cool guys don't look at explosions' on a barrel

I have about 30 statues of random things

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68 Create a Mafia On a Survival Server and Take Over the Server

The Russian mafia in Minecraft!

Why make a mafia. I think it would be cooler to single handedly take over the world

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69 Learn How to Write Code and Make Mods

Laugh out loud I should try the write code I have always wanted to but HOW

If you are in high school you can take a programming class

Great idea I desperately need A TON for my server but don't wanna borrow them from other servers - MChkflaguard_Yt

I like making mods and spicing up the game! - MChkflaguard_Yt

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70 Explore the World

Yeah I love doing that I normally find a sand dome as well

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71 Replicate the Island of Hawaii

I rather replace a paradise only accessible by train - MChkflaguard_Yt

It is so cool once u do it and can live in it. Takes FOREVER to build though.

My bff is from Maui, mooai, mombo, something like that. The first one is probably right. The others are randomish letters.

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72 Throw a full stack of diamond into lava

Amazing idea. It makes your bored mincraftian who is sick and tired of building jump up and lose their saggy fat tummy with a good old adventure for diamonds. It brings more fun to the game. Thumbs up to the chap who wrote this!

Who ever commented this is sick man and I give them a lot respect and recognition. I did it thinking it would be a waste of time but it seriously does bring the fun back to the game. This is ownage

Have too many diamonds? THROW THEM IN THE PIT! Lol

Why anyone throw diamonds in lava

Answer:-Show off

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73 Get a SkyDoesMinecraft Skin

I don't really understand "Sky". He curses a lot, and I would much rather stick with people who moderate their swearing.

Sky is overrated. And he curses all the time! - RiverClanRocks

WHAT 52! Skydoesminecraft is my favorite youtuber. He's funny and awesome! I love the squids, they're funny.

Ikr I like sky but I don't Hate squids for no reason or call gold butter - whodafuqisthisguy

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74 Build Stampy's Lovely World

I didn't make his whole world I just made the creeper coaster and the fire alarm system

I wish that would take years and years and years and years... You get the point

Best. Idea. EVER! Stampy rocks! ' he's awesome!

There's so much in his world! His giant house, his giant funland, and his giant town! And how would you copy all of the signs in his love garden?!?!?

I know he is so famous

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75 Play Build Battle

People are teaming out there most unfair game ever... but no hackers - MChkflaguard_Yt

Good idea but watch out for haters

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76 Replicate a Monument

Well lets say that would take a long time...

I replicated half dome and the collosseum once. Took me 1 year and 349 days. I. Might blow it up!

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77 Provoke Creepers Then Run Away

The creepers didn't do anything?

Sounds pretty cool! It'll bring Minecraft into the awesomeness mode!

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78 Build Thomas The Tank Engine

Are you a baby or something sorry but so weird

Who would ever do this build high speed rail for the guy who make this - MChkflaguard_Yt

Weird, are you going to drive it but impossible in pocket edition

Who would ever build this so weird become modern already! - MChkflaguard_Yt

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79 Explode a Volcano
80 Dig up All of the Top Layer of Ground and replace it

Its great!
Keep the hills and stuff.
Remember, that tree over there is also part of the top layer!

That is got to be really really hard

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