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81 Dig up All of the Top Layer of Ground and replace it

Its great!
Keep the hills and stuff.
Remember, that tree over there is also part of the top layer!

That is got to be really really hard

82 Replicate a Monument

Well lets say that would take a long time...

I replicated half dome and the collosseum once. Took me 1 year and 349 days. I. Might blow it up!


Where do u have the time?

83 Make a Huge Castle Complete With Towers

People with bad intentions WILL blow you and your castle up. It happened to my faction. We had 3 awesome castles intertwined with other buildings and nature; it was lots of fun to create it.
Everything was wrecked and looted a couple of days ago =_=

Keep in mind that there are programs with x-ray features which allow for players to find chests, traps, precious metals and such.

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84 Provoke Creepers Then Run Away

The creepers didn't do anything?

Sounds pretty cool! It'll bring Minecraft into the awesomeness mode!

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85 Build a Skull Fortress With Eyes That Leak Lava

I think this is awesome 3 stories hight a giant skull that crys lava made out of cobblestone...sweet!

86 Build Thomas The Tank Engine

Are you a baby or something sorry but so weird

YO Big Bratty Baby

Who would ever do this build high speed rail for the guy who make this - MChkflaguard_Yt

I think I got earraped again... - MChkflaguard_Yt

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87 Explode a Volcano
88 Build a Giant Lapis Lazuli Skyscraper

From Steven Universe or... Oh you mean the actual block, right, right.

It will look pretty cool

Either way, it would be AWESOME - BorisRule

Steven Universe?!?... OR THE BLOCK, The world may never know.
|I hope|

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89 Make Your Dream House V 2 Comments
90 Creeper Run

That would be so cool! I will definitely try it! kat (this site does the underline misspelled word thing.)

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91 Play Bed Wars

Its lit

Bed Wars in Hypixel is Fun! Try It Out! ip: Friend Me! When I'm online name: minecraftgamer9
in hypixel there will many games instead pf Bed Wars! HOPE YOU ENJOY :]

92 Build a Giant Banana

Hmm I wonder what that would look like

Its not easy making a giant banana in Minecraft and also someone built one for me :D

I made a giant banana on a sheep

I'd do it if I knew how to.

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93 Make a house for short people

I think this idea would be totally Amazing! If you have seen The Hobbit you could make Bilbo's house!

94 Do a Gladiator Stadium 10vs10 Skeletons V 2 Comments
95 Make a Replica of Earth Filled With TNT Then Blow It Up With Some Villagers Inside

Awesome! I HATE villagers!

That awesome idea if you hate villagers (me too! )

Don't hurt ma babis

How lovely 😬😬 blowing up villagers 😬

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96 Build a Giant Working Toilet

I'm pretty sure it's called the quest to get flushed

Everyone has to pee sometimes

I want t but I don't think I can make it work on pe

Haha jeb should like it! - MChkflaguard_Yt

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97 Mine Dirt

Get all the dirt you can get! It's epic! And so much better that finding diamonds

There's nothing like dirt! Man I love dirt! I could collect dirt for hours. you can build so much with it!

Lol a noob loves dirt but dirt can be use to create the skytowns base

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98 Build a Gigantic Football Field

It's awesome.
It took me three days but it's worth it.
I play against Zombie pigmen

It’s really hard.

99 Play modded Minecraft

Mods completely transform the game! I have more than 40 mods together now...

Vanilla Minecraft gets boring.. So I normally add mods.. Good way to keep your world and experience moving in Minecraft..

Can you help me installing piss?!?!?! - BorisRule

Mod - BorisRule

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100 Spawn a Bunch of Chicken Inside Your House

I did that with a clock tower and it grew worse and warning, don't do it...

I made a chicken spawned in a friends house...they got REALLY mad

I have done this and they keep laying egg

Dem is awesome brosap

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