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101 Make a Huge Statue of the Enderdragon

My friend had never seen the ender dragon before so I built a mini version and called it the ender baby. My friend came round and thought it was the actual ender dragon! I told her it was sleeping!

This is fun to do but sometimes it takes to long for something that doesn't look to great. You could make a roller coaster out of it though.

Don it looks brill, hollowed it out and pot the ender egg inside

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102 Make a Temple for Yourself

I've done it and I thought it looked pretty cool

Even better-
Build it underground out of precious minerals and connect 4 of em all the way down to bedrock and make a secret entrance! Awesome

Fill it with treasure, traps, and enemies and watch your friend struggle through it. Be at the end like a bawss.

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103 Have Sex With Creeper

This is insane wonder what is stuffed in the one who make this' brain. Very very inappropriate and homophobic the top tens admin please remove this - MChkflaguard_Yt

Impossible and inappropriate

What is wrong with the person who think this is a good idea.

This is so nasty just weird but I still want to do it.

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104 Press Quit Game

... I wonder who is stupid enough to make this the person who make this please reply - MChkflaguard_Yt

I bet some1 dumber than Hulk would do that

I would never do that

O ya... I haven't done that in years.

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105 Replicate a Whole State V 3 Comments
106 Build a Portal to the End and Nether

This kinda already has to happen. It's not that entertaining.

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107 Go Mob Fishing

I did this once I killed by aa creeper but still funny.

There's a map called mob fishing.

Make it even funnier, invite friends over to play with you and when they punching trees fish a creeper towards them and what you get is... WHAT THE FU BOOM!

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108 Make Krillin Eat a Muffin

I love DBZ! I'd prefer to make teen gohan though

Is there a krillin in minecraft? - MChkflaguard_Yt



109 Play Spleef & Bow Spleef

Doesn't work on singleplayer, so skip this if your a non-social guy.

110 Have Pets

Tame a wolf or an ocelot... Or you could have a pet pig!

Fun adds a fun little bit into game

There are dogs scattered all over one of my worlds!

I'm done that all ready

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111 Honor Linkin Park and Build a Castle of Glass

I have added cool things and done cool things but this... This takes the cake just build it and when you see how awesome it is vote for this

Who doesint like linkin park they have kept us entertaind for so long... It's the least we could do

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112 Build Statues of YouTubers V 4 Comments
113 Build a Gigantic Football Field
114 Go Caving

So fun, I fell in lava but stayed alive

This is so cool

And on top of that, u can scare your friends there into a pit of lava


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115 Make Minecraft Songs

It is fun and a bit challenging I haven't did that before but I plan to!
Gotta make myself youtube famous - MChkflaguard_Yt

116 Replicate a Whole Continent

Extremely Hard! But not impossible...

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117 Build a City Underwater and Then Flood It. Atlantis.

Breeak all the glass that you used to make a dome around the edges so the water doesn't completely slow everything down.

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118 Build a statue of a chicken

I did that and my brother put a door in its butt and claimed it was the doorway to heaven

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119 Use Console Commands

Love it just type tab and test random commands

I have no idea how to do this... Can someone tell me how

Summon the wither toward a village lol so funny

I use these to troll and my friends rage - MChkflaguard_Yt

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120 Set Fire to a Forest or Jungle

I do this when I'm bored.
Awesome! I also though made this really cool jungle tree house where it like connects all these jungle trees and there is a room on each tree! So much fun!

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